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- Lay Flat Hose



Temputure Range : -20°C to +70°C. Construction : 3-Ply High tenacity polyester yarns. Both tube and cover are extruded simultaneously to obtain maximum bonding. Caution : For liability purposes, if temperature exceeds 44°C the working pressure will go down.

Technical Specifications   

  • Construction: 3-ply high polyester yarns.   
  • Perfect connection polyester yarn by high technologhy.   
  • Environment friendly raw materials.   
  • IV. Uv provides long lasting life.   
  • Our products does not contain Carcinogenic DOR   
  • Our products does not contain Calcite.   
  • Tolarances:±%5.   
  • Working temperature range: -20° to +70°.   


  • All water transportation discharge               
  • Agricultural farming                   
  • Drip irrigation systems                   
  • All irrigation projects                   
  • Drainage hose with moving sprinkIers on fields,golf areas, open areas   
  • Mining, civil engineerin    g projects, all constraction work               

General Features       

  • User friendly
  • Easy transportation
  • Perfect fittings for all Compatiable fittings
  • applications with rain irrigation system

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