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- Model R5 - Micro Sprinkler for Full Coverage Irrigation



The R5 Rotator is a micro sprinkler for Full Coverage Irrigation. It has higher uniformity, greater distance of throw, and provides better infiltration than comparable micro sprays or spinners. The flow control nozzle option is fully flow regulating at 15 psi (1 bar), while pressure compensation in other micro sprinklers begins to function at higher pressures. Low pressure options and a wide range of nozzles and accessories enable the installation of the R5 into any type of micro irrigation system.

The R5 Rotator Pop-Up addresses every maintenance issue common to micro irrigation. A PVC Stake assembly and protective canister protects against damage and displacement caused by workers, equipment, and animals. Nozzle plugging is eliminated by an inlet screen and insect intrusion is halted by the protective canister. When used as part of a properly designed micro system with adequate filtration, the R5 Pop-Up dramatically reduces the time and cost of system operation and maintenance. You won’t believe the difference until you try it!

Use the blue or green R5 Rotator plates for under-tree irrigation and environmental control of tree fruit, vine, and tree nut crops. Use the wine plate to invert mount the R5 for overhead irrigation, cooling, and environmental control in tree, vine, small fruit, and nursery crops.

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