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- Steinernema Feltiae


Steinernema feltiae for biological control of overwintering larvae of codling moth (Cydia pomonella) and red-belted clearwing (Synanthenon myopaeformis).

Produkt handling before application
Apply nemapom® nematodes soon after reception. The product may be stored for a limited period of time (see expiry date on package) at 4-10 °C. Do not freeze and do not expose to temperatures above 30 °C. Do not open pack until ready to use.

Application Conditions
Treat when harvest of the parcel is terminated and weather conditions are favourable. Most important is high humidity during and after application. Ideally spray on wet trunks. Spray toward evening so that trunks stay wet during the night. Rain, drizzle, fog or dew after application increase efficacy. Giving Water by fan orchard sprayer before or after treatment normally gives not enough humidity. Best conditions are rainy weather. Temperatures must be 8 °C or higher for several hours after treatment since the nematodes need a certain time to find the codling moth larvae. Drop of temperatures for a few hours does not impair the treatment, as long as the trees stay wet. Higher temperatures are always advantageous, but avoid direct sun and temperatures higher than 30 °C during application, best time will be late afternoon or early evening.

Young plantations (M9)<5 years:
Apply 750 million nematodes in at least 1,000 litres of water per meter trunk and hectar. It is sufficient to treat only the lower part (1 m). Also spray very carefully around and below the grafting thoroughly. If possible spray each row twice from opposite directions. If there are bamboo bars, make sure they are well covered.

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