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Surfaces must be dry, clean and free of frost or any foreign substance. Do not apply when temperatures are below 8 degrees Celsius. Apply the Neotone treatment directly from container without dilution using brush, roller or spray. Airless or low pressure spray is recommended where feasible. Utilize Neoprene hosing and gaskets. Mixing is not necessary. All equipment must be clean prior to application to avoid any contamination and possible discolouration.

Two treatments are required to provide saturation and even finish and/or colouring. Very porous substrates may dictate additional coats. Subsequent applications may be made usually within several minutes since drying time is quite rapid under good ventilation conditions.

Apply each coat in a uniform manner that penetrates the surface well but avoids rundowns. Lap marks or overspray laps can be prevented by brushing out the coverage. A cross matching application of vertical and horizontal coats produces an even and uniform treatment. Rates of coverage vary considerably with porosity. Typical rates of square metre coverage per litre: Smooth concrete 6 - Natural Stone 6 - Exposed concrete heavy cut 5 - Etched concrete light 5 - Common Brick 4 - Block (not lightweight) 3.

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