Net/Fleece/Poly Winders Trailers


Vegcraft supply a number of handling solutions for various crop covers such as polythene, fleece and insect netting. The Vegcraft crop cover winder/un-winder is used to remove cover from crops at the appropriate time, storing it on 2.5 or 3m metal cores. The same machine can then re-lay the cover next season. Carefully wound and stored the covers can be used for several seasons.

Our machine has large capacity 1.2m diameter discs and a maximum rolling width of 2.8m allowing each core to hold around 1000m of 25m wide polythene, or 200m of 25m-wide net.

The guide arm is hydraulically operated from the cab, and has a tensioning device to keep the entire roll neat and tidy. There is also a facility for wrapping full rolls of crop cover for winter storage.

The powerful hydraulic motor can be either manual control or can be fitted for electric control allowing the driver to perform the entire operation from the cab.

The motor is connected to emergency stop switches on either side of the machine and at the head of the guide arm, which can also be used as isolation switches.

The galvanised frame is designed to stand up to farming enviroments, and the sides slide in hydraulically to bring the machine within 2.5m width for easy road transport.

The Vegcraft polythene disposal winder is a fast, hassle-free way to remove polythene cover that has reached the end of its useful life.

Re-cycling guidelines state that the material must not have a core in it, so our machine winds the material onto large cones. When the machine is full, one of the cones hydraulically hindges up out of the way and the material self-ejects.

The machine can have a 3-point linkage and/or brackets for a teleporter to suit your needs. Its tough galvanised frame is designed with farm and field use in mind.

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