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CRF Costruzioni S.r.l.

- Net Roller Machine



This useful equipment consists of a frame with an hydraulic gear motor with lever junction which moves an interchangeable roller to unroll and rewind long strips of double strength net (anti-thorn and anti-tear). This system eliminates manual handling of the net.


Once the net strips are unrolled alongside two or more rows of olive trees, they are widened and joined together until the required surfaced area is covered. After the collection is completed, the rewinding commences with the external net, moving the tractor in the direction of the net itself. Once the olives have been recovered from the net, the net is again laid out under the next row of olive trees. This procedure is repeated methodically throughout the days of the Olive harvest.Fleet of harvesters for the olive collection: the work system is composed of two machines model Olive ONE and a Net Roller machine with additional unrolling-rewinding rollers for the nets. Such solution allows a remarkable reduction of the used labour and accelerates the daily production.  The maximum dimension of the nets to be unrolled is 10x100 m.


In evidence the oxbow pipe to direct the net inside the roller plates/discs and the lever mechanism with frontal junction for the activation or the disconnection of the hydraulic gear motor: the rewind is with hydraulic movement and the unroll is neuter, with the motor in off.

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