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Net Washer



This unique and extraordinary net washing system consists of a net washer, a roto screen and a disinfector. These three preternatural products can operate in conjunction with each other through a fully automated PLC system which maximizes the cleaning of the nets in an economic and environmental friendly way. The net washing system is made of AISI 316 acid proof stainless steel which makes them very strong, durable and highly resistant to corrosion. The net washing system is easily transported and requires low maintenance. The only thing you need is a platform to place the net washer and access to water.

Net Washer

The net washer is designed to thoroughly wash all net sizes in the aquaculture industry, hereby minimizing the danger of spreading fish diseases

  • Heavy duty washing drum machine
  • 100% water tight
  • Large waterproof sealing door for loading and unloading the nets
  • Custom made, max 50m³
  • Adjustable washing programs

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