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Netafim SpinNet and VibroNet Sprinklers produce high levels of watering uniformity with drip-less sprinklers specifically designed for a full range of bedding plant applications.

Valuable Production Tool

Automating with Netafim Sprinklers instead of hand watering bedding plants, seedlings, and potted perennials reduces labor costs, improves efficiency and plant quality.

Highly Uniform Watering

Traditional sprinkler layout spaces the sprinklers 'head to head' or at spacings equal to the radius of the sprinkler throw. For larger areas, the patterns are overlapped creating both wet and dry areas.

The Netafim solution avoids the problems of the traditional sprinkler layout and achieves a high level of uniformity within a closely spaced 'strip of sprinklers'. By designing with these 'strips' laid out side-by-side, large areas can be covered uniformly.

Low Cost and Fast Payback

Netafim Sprinklers are affordably priced and payback for a complete system is usually within the first season of operation.

Drip-Less Sprinklers
Our sprinklers are constructed without a 'bridge' to retain the spinner, producing a drip-less operation. This means that plants located below the sprinklers are not damaged from water dripping off the sprinkler. Sprinklers hang below the supply pipe preventing wetting of the pipe and dripping onto the plants below.

Wider Patterns up to 24'
Since the SpinNet Sprinklers produce a wider pattern (up to 24'), a single line can be used where two were once necessary - saving the grower money and installation time. Higher levels of uniformity and efficiency are possible with single line solutions.

Reliable Check Valves
Assembled above the sprinkler head is a check valve. This check valve ensures that each sprinkler turns on and off at exactly the same time. It prevents water from draining onto the plants or cuttings below after system shut down.

Durability and Low Maintenance
All sprinklers are made from the highest quality plastics with excellent Ultra-Violet (UV) resistance. These anti-acid plastics will not crack when exposed to normal greenhouse pesticides and fertilizers resulting in a longer life with fewer maintenance issues. All parts can be assembled and disassembled in the greenhouse without tools.

Sprinkler Assembly Components

Components of a SpinNet or VibroNet Sprinkler Assembly: Sprinkler with Check Valve and a Hanging Assembly with Stabilizer Weight - parts are ordered separately. Netafim recommends UV White™ PE Tubing for the Supply Line.

Spinnet or Vibronet Sprinkler With Check Valve

  • SpinNet Sprinklers are available in two flows and six sprinkler options.
  • They consist of a Mist Control, Body, and Spinner. The Mist Control determines the flow rate and eliminates misting that distorts the sprinkler pattern. The Spinner determines the radius which allows the sprinkler to handle bay width applications from 10' to 38'.
  • Check valve provides instantaneous on-off and prevents line drainage.
  • It opens at 28 psi and closes at 13 psi.

Hanging Assembly With Stabilizer Weight

  • Super Flex UV White™ 4/7mm Polyethylene tubing made from the highest quality plastics with excellent UV resistance. Our reflective white tubing is completely opaque to prevent algae growth. This tubing is not coated or layered white, it is solid white for long-term durability. It withstands heat, direct sun, harsh chemicals and produces cooler water temperatures enhancing plant growth.
  • Barbed end for insertion into the Polyethylene Tubing Supply Line and a female connecter on the other end to attach the Check Valve and Sprinkler Unit.
  • Stabilizer weight keeps the sprinkler plumb.

Optional Components

  • Retrofit Adapter is used to connect Netafim SpinNet or VibroNet Sprinklers to other manufacturer’s fittings and it attaches above the check valve.
  • For connection to rigid pipe with ½” threaded connection, use the ½” Adapter.
  • Hanging Sprinkler Assembly Tool assists with connecting two different lengths of 4/7mm Super Flex UV White™ Tubing to create hanging assemblies over 48” in length.

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