- Model EZ Close™ - Weight Assemblies



Netafim SlimLine EZ Close™ Weight Assemblies lower input costs and increase productivity. You’ll have cleaner, more efficient production of your hanging baskets

The Netafim solution for hanging baskets will typically pay for itself in 100 to 120 days. Use the following chart to analyze your payback.

Easy Shut-Off
This feature allows the dripper assembly to be closed easily with one hand, preventing water and fertilizer from dripping on the plants or walkways below. With a quick glance, it’s easy to see if the assembly is open or closed.

Higher Percentage of Top Quality Plants
When every plant gets the same amount of water and fertilizer, exactly the same amount you specify, the result is a more uniform crop. The combination of pressure compensation and a built-in check valve results in water uniformity of 94%.

Multi-Tier Uniformity
Regardless of the length of tube, all hanging basket drippers flow precisely the same. This means several lengths of drippers can be combined on the same line, with each dripper providing the same amount of waterto both levels of baskets.

Prevent Algae Mess On Your Floor
Most old generation drippers soak the baskets to overflowing at the beginning of the line by the time the baskets at the end of the line receive adequate water. The result is both uneven watering of the plants and often a major algae mess on the floor from the overflowing baskets. Netafim drippers flow slowly and uniformly, so the soil media is easily wetted without any run-off around the edges of the basket.

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