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Netafim CoolNet Pro Foggers produce finer droplets allowing quicker evaporation resulting in higher humidity for propagation applications.

Lower Cost
Our CoolNet Pro Foggers are affordably priced - much less than high pressure fog systems.

Highly Uniform Application
With an operating pressure range of 45 to 60 psi, these foggers produce an average droplet size of 65 microns (at 60 psi) each and every time. This creates a 'blanket of fog' or zone of saturated humidity ideal for rooting. Each nozzle of the 4-Way Fogger has a flow rate of 2.0 GPH.

Dependable Operation
Since the CoolNet Pro Fogger operates on low pressure, there is significantly less wear on the fogger components resulting in less maintenance and reduces overall operating costs. Our fogger system requires 140 mesh filtration eliminating costly filtration systems with intensive maintenance issues. Fogger blockers are available to close off one or more nozzles of the assembly when needed.

Simple Installation And Disassembly
CoolNet Pro Foggers are readily adaptable to existing systems. They are easy to install with fittings common to most hanging assemblies. All it takes is a 'twist' and the fogger nozzle can be removed from the center assembly - no tools needed.

Reliable Check Valves
Assembled above the CoolNet Pro Fogger head is a high pressure check valve. This check valve ensures that each fogger turns on and off at exactly the same time for effective short cycling. It also prevents water from draining onto the plants or cuttings below after system shut down.

Coolnet Pro Fogger Assembly Components
Components of a CoolNet Pro Fogger Assembly are illustrated below. A complete assembly consists of a Fogger with Check Valve and a Hanging Assembly with Stabilizer Weight - parts are ordered separately. Netafim recommends UV White™ PE Tubing for the Supply Line.

Coolnet Pro Fogger With Check Valve

  • Produces a flow rate of 8.1 GPH at 60 psi and has four removable nozzles for easy disassembly and cleaning.
  • Standard check valve has purple pin – opens at 28 psi and closes at 13 psi.
  • Optional check valve with orange pin – opens at 58 psi and closes at 26 psi.
  • Check valve provides instantaneous on-off and prevents line drainage.

Hanging Assembly With Stabilizer Weight

  • Super Flex UV White™ 4/7mm Polyethylene tubing made from the highest quality plastics with excellent UV resistance. Our reflective white tubing is completely opaque to prevent algae growth. This tubing is not coated or layered white, it is solid white for long-term durability. It withstands heat, direct sun, harsh chemicals and produces cooler water temperatures enhancing plant growth.
  • Barbed end for insertion into the Polyethylene Tubing Supply Line and a female connecter on the other end to attach the Check Valve and Fogger Unit.
  • Stabilizer weight keeps the fogger plumb.

  • Fogger Blocker allows one or more fogger nozzles to be shut off. This would be applicable for a fogger against a greenhouse wall or at the end of a line. Purchase one fogger blocker per nozzle.
  • Retrofit Adapter is used to connect Netafim CoolNet Pro Foggers to other manufacturer’s fittings and it attaches above the check valve.

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