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The Netafim Spray Stake pattern is specifically designed to match the shape of the pot and provide a precise amount of water and fertilizer directly to the plant. The pattern wets the soil surface evenly to maximize water retention by the soil mix and evenly release liquid or timed-release fertilizers. Overspray or water run-off is eliminated saving water, energy and fertilizer costs.

Superior Soil Wetting = Improved Plant Quality
Netafim Spray Stakes were built from the beginning to fill the needs of the nursery grower. The spray pattern angles downward, just enough, to keep the spray on the soil and not flying into or over the wall of the pot. Water flying out of the pot is wasted, while water that hits the side of the pot typically runs down and out the bottom and is not effective in wetting the soil mix. The Netafim spray pattern provides maximum water retention by the soil mix – exactly what the plant needs. The result is superior plant growth and more efficient use of water resources and fertilizers.

Rugged and Reliable One-Piece Construction
The simple one-piece construction provides reliable long life performance with over 15 years of proven field experience. They are highly resistant to sunlight, fertilizers and chemicals. Installation is very simple and the Netafim micro-tubing fits securely to the top of the spray stake.

Super Simple to Clean
Tough water? Netafim Spray Stakes are made for real-world field conditions. If blockage occurs, simply remove the spray stake from the micro-tubing, rinse the flow channel and reconnect the spray stake and micro-tubing. The spray stake can be restored to operation by any level of field worker in a matter of seconds.

Simple Close-Off Feature
The close-off nipple, located on the side of the spray stake, eliminates dirt from entering the tube, a common occurrence with tip-mounted close-off nipples. It also gives a simple, highly visible cue that the stake is closed, not open.

Spray Direction Indicator Saves Time and Labor
Each spray stake has a built-in spray direction indicator on one side of the stake. Quickly see or feel the spray direction to speed and simplify installation without having to return and make adjustments.

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