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Our revolutionary Techfilter protects against roots invading the system. Here's how it works: Trifluralin is incorporated into the replaceable disc ring assemblies inside the filter housing. When water passes through the filter, a very low concentration of trifluralin (parts per billion) is transmitted throughout the system. This technology provides very precise and even distribution of trifluralin throughout the piping network and effectively inhibits root growth into the dripper outlets.

  • Prevents root intrusion.
  • Replaceable Techfilter cartridge allows system to remain protected throughout its lifetime.
  • Renewable warranty, activated when filter cartridges are installed and registered, gives the opportunity for a lifetime of protection.
  • Delivers a low concentration of trifluralin evenly to all drippers throughout the system.
  • Sealed packaging dramatically extends shelf life and adds to filter replacement convenience.
  • Easy, no-touch installation and replacement of trifluralin filter.
  • Provides efficient water filtration with performance far superior to screen-type filters.

Exclusive Netafim USA Techfilter Lifetime Extended Warranty
Every Netafim Techfilter carries a 2-Year-to-Lifetime Warranty. Proper use and timely replacement of the cartridge will keep the Lifetime Extended Warranty in force. Replaceable Techfilter disc crtridges come in conveniently sealed packages with gloves which have two benefits: extended shelf life and simple, clean replacement of the complete cartridge without having to touch the ring.

Techfilters are required to be sold with dripline due to EPA regulations.

  • Recommended wherever chemical protection against root intrusion is desired.

  • Maximum pressure: 140 psi(filter)
  • Filtration Mesh: 120
  • Filter Sizes: 3/4', 1', 1' Long, 1 1/2' Long and 2'

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