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NetIrrigate® Gold is a comprehensive product replacement program available for new hardware purchases.  The purchase of NetIrrigate® Gold provides a 3-year extended warranty and allows the owner to upgrade the device to the latest and greatest hardware. NetIrrigate® Gold may be purchased from your dealer or Net Irrigate for $399 per device/site, within 60 days of installation. There is no deductible following the Gold purchase.  For $399, you will get 3 years of insurance on your current unit, plus you are entitled to a brand new monitoring device.

Extended Warranty Details

NetIrrigate® Gold extends the current 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to 3 years. In addition, NetIrrigate® Gold provides your monitoring device with comprehensive warranty protection against acts of god, such as lightning strikes, natural disasters, and accidents. During the 3-year time frame the device is eligible for warranty replacement under any of these circumstances, as many times as something may occur.


NetIrrigate® Gold also allows the device to be traded for the latest and greatest hardware one time, at no charge. With technology evolving and Net Irrigate constantly improving and progressing our product line, you will always have the current technology with the Gold program. NetIrrigate® Gold on the “old” device is terminated upon upgrade; however, the new device is eligible for NetIrrigate® Gold. Therefore with the purchase of Gold, you will always have the most current Net Irrigate offering, plus never pay full price for NetIrrigate® hardware again.

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