- Oxygen Diffusers for Intensive Marine Aquaculture



NetOx Net is commonly used at high water temperatures, during parasite treatment, at emergencies, to reduce stress prior to slaughter and at harvest, during transport or in general, to prevent oxygen drops. NetOx diffusers are specially designed for large-scale oxygenation thanks to its patented double-hose design.

The NetOx Net diffuser is suspended in large networks inside the cage. The networks are generally made in standard sizes but can easily be tailored as required in any geometrical shape. The system can be supplied with monitoring and automatic regulation of the gas supply that maintain the dissolved oxygen above the desired threshold.

NetOx HD «Heavy Duty»
This is an enhanced version of NetOx that withstands rougher treatment, with all threaded connections in AISI 316. This edition is specially designed for oxygenation during treatment against parasites or emergency oxygenation.

NetOx Patented technology

NetOx is an oxygen diffuser that releases a massive curtain of fine bubbles across large areas. The diffuser has a ‘double hose’ designed to equalize the pressure. This patent ensures that oxygen is added and distributed homogeneously to all parts of the water column even in large cages without loss of efficiency. These unique features makes the NetOx system very versatile and suitable for use in all types of cages. NetOx  is the most widely used system for adding oxygen in fish cages today..

Unique double hose patent makes oxygenation of the cage effective:

  • High efficiency
  • Diffuses oxygen in the whole cage volume
  • User friendly and robust

NetOx  a proven and safe choice
NetOx  has up to 90% efficiency in cages. Other single-hose type diffusers have shown less than 60% efficiency, which significantly affects the operating costs!

  • High efficiency and low operating costs
  • Been on the market since 2003 (some with lifespan over 5 years)
  • More than 100 satisfied customers
  • 300 sold NetOx  Drum
  • 650 sold NetOx  Net
  • Used in almost 50,000 delousing treatments

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