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Nets for Fish Farms



Knox has been making nets for fish farms throughout the world since the industry's beginnings.  Years of involvement means we offer sound technical knowledge and the expertise to meet your requirements. The finest raw materials available worldwide are used in the production of Knox knotless nylon netting.  All yarn used is fully stabilised to minimise degradation by UV light.  Before being cut, all sheet netting is dyehouse set to eliminate any possibility of future shrinkage. Our quality management system complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2000.  Trust your needs to our experience.

Fish Cage Nets

Every net produced by Knox is a customised item; manufactured to technical drawings produced in-house in consultation with the customer.  Cage type, site conditions and user preferences are all taken into account when choosing the netting and rigging specification.  Netting ranges from first feeder size to the heaviest weights required offshore.  Nets are roped with the mesh square, ensuring that water exchange is maximised.  Polysteel rope - a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene - is made to our own specification, with a medium lay factor offering superior abrasion resistance to commercial quality rope.
Antifoulant solution can be applied to finished nets in-house, with all nets fully dried before leaving our site.

Bird Nets

Bird nets to protect the surface of the fish cage are produced from polythene, nylon or a specialist polythene/nylon mix netting, in mesh ranging from 50mm to 250mm square.  Chafer panels to protect the net from the support are often added in the middle, using a heavy duty 25mm mesh netting.

Predator Nets

Nets for effective predator control below the surface can consist of panels to surround one or a complete group of cages, or can be complete with bases.

Sweep Nets

To make the nets simpler to handle, sweep nets feature floats along the top, with lead rope on the base and verticals.

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