Nettuno s.r.l.

Nettuno s.r.l.

- Model Junior - Hose Reel Irrigators



Efficient turbine drive mounted in monobloc with the gearbox; Single-speed gearbox with automatic drive disengagement; Moving transmission to the reel through toothed crown; 3° wheel to facilitate the moving of the machine (fitted on JUNIOR 50-150 and 63-150 only); Lead screw hose layering device; Automatic by-pass (Junior 40-125 excluded)and manual; Speed control; Pressure gauge; Automatic fold away trolley lift; Main frame, hot galvanised water- and accessories; Galvanised sprinkler trolley with adjustable track; Accident protections; Sprinkler with set of nozzles. Mechanical support legs, tow bar, reinforced axial and wheels with radial tyres.

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