- Model 132HVT - Tracked Harvester System



The 132HVT is provided with electro-hydraulic servo control. With its 14.4 tons it is in the middle of our tracked harvester product range.
The harvester excels in very high stability, which turns to account at full outreach of the crane in the infinite working range of 360°. As far as the crane is concerned, the proven parallel crane has been chosen again, which has always been one of the aspects distinguishing the tracked harvesters as powerful machines.

Tractive force has been further improved, and the proven levelling device has also been installed in this machine, which makes this harvester the perfect all-round machine for forestry pros. A new cabin has been developed implementing ergonomic findings to ensure effortless and relaxed working.

  • The 132HVT is electro hydraulically servo-controlled and is situated with its 14,4 tons in the centre of the Neuson Ecotec tracked harvester product range.
  • Thereby the successful concept of the 11002HVTplus was further developed. The electronic control is very user friendly. The control elements are arranged very clearly and the machine is controlled over Mini-joysticks. The machine is characterised by a low fuel usage and optimized power demand over the whole working area.
  • The width of the machine was extended to 2,55 m so that an optimum stability could be reached and also no problems with the transport occur.
  • The optimal stability is also given by the full discharge of the crane in the 360°endless working area.
  • With the crane Neuson Ecotec fell back to the proven parallel crane, which always distinguished the Neuson Ecotec tracked harvester as an efficient, high performance machine.
  • Special attention was put onto the high cooling performance both for the engine as for the hydraulics, also the services friendliness was taken into consideration.
  • The engine performance was increased to 140 HP, whereby it was particularly considered that engine performance and hydraulic components are one on the other co-ordinated. The track power was continuously improved and the levelling system was employed too.
  • All usual aggregate types with head weights up to 1000 kg can be operated with the 132HVT. That makes this machine to the ideal all-round machine for professional forest entrepreneurs.
  • To have a fatigue-free and relaxed working situation a completely new cab was developed. All ergonomic realizations were considered and the optimal arrangement of the control components were realized.

  • First thinning
  • Second thinning
  • Steep terrain
  • All-round machine

Main data:

  • Empty weight with cabin: 14.4 tons
  • Height / width / transport length: 340 / 255 / 750 cm
  • Swing torque: 35.4 kNm
  • Tractive force of running gear: 145kN (14.5 tons)
  • Crane: parallel crane CH 135S

Running and slewing gear:

  • Speeds of running gear: 2.1 km/h and 4.56 km/h
  • Superstructure slewing speed: 9 rpm
  • Superstructure slewing range: infinite
  • Gradability: 30° (58%)
  • Standard tracks: steel, single grouser track chain, 500mm width
  • Length of running gear: 3370 mm
  • Ground clearance: 520 mm
  • Ground pressure: 0.4 kg/cm²
  • Superstructure tilt: 25° to the front, +/- 15° to the side

Engine data:

  • Engine: John Deere 4045 tier3
  • Type: 4-cyl. turbodiesel engine
  • Cooling: water-coled
  • Engine displacement: 4500 ccm
  • Speed: 2200 rpm
  • Output acc. to DIN: 104 KW (140 hp)
  • Battery: 2x 135 Ah
  • Generator: 24V / 140A
  • Diesel tank: 190 litres

Hydraulic system:

  • Hydraulic pump: electro-hydraulic displacement pump, LS controlled
  • Pump capacity: 297 l/min
  • Operating pressure: 300 bar
  • Pump capacity harvester unit: 250 l/min
  • Operating pressure harvester unit: 250 bar
  • Hydraulic tank: 370 litres
  • Return filter: standard 20 µm
  • High-pressure filter: standard 10 µm

Harvester units:

  • AFM: 45, 50
  • Foresteri: F25RH
  • Keto: 150
  • Lako: 43HD
  • Logmax: 4000, 5000 slim
  • Waratah: HTH250, HTH450, HTH460


  • Filled wit bio-hydraulic oil: Triple grouser track chain
  • Independent vehicle heater: Dozer blade
  • Tool kit: Automatic superstructure levelling
  • Central lubricating unit for superstructure: Air compressor
  • Vacuum pump: Window film
  • Xenon lamps: Oil filling system with vacuum pump
  • Diesel preheating: Seat heating
  • Double grouser track chain: 11m parallel crane

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