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- Model 182HVT - Tracked Harvester System


The 182HTV is an all-round machine for thinning and clear-cutting in extremely difficult terrain. The machine distinguishes itself by excellent gradability. A separate head pump for the harvester unit provides for efficient working. The ergonomic arrangement of the control elements, low servicing costs, easy handling, and the sturdy design are the benefits that ensure low maintenance costs for the forestry entrepreneur in the long run.

The machine has been designed according to the European directives for occupational health and safety and tested by KWF.


Working area / Cabin
The forest-suited cab is ROPS, FOPS, OPS tested and offers perfect all-round visibility. AH windows in the cab are made of Lexan. The roomy, ergonomically arranged cab makes a fatigue-free working possible. A high performance air conditioning system provides comfortable conditions of work in the cockpit.


Service friendliness
5 generously shaped service doors as well as the tillable upper structure give easy and comfortable access to all service points. The functional and simple locking mechanism of the service doors allows opening without tools and safe locking by a simple padlock.


Hydraulic system
The 182HVT has a separate hydraulic system for the harvesting head, which provides approx. 80KW of power. Hydraulic performance of the carrier and crane are regulated by negative control system with transfer gear. All hydraulic oils are filtered via return-filters and high pressure and drain filters.


Leveling adjustment
The machine is designed for the steep terrain and can be leveled +25° forward and +/-15° in each direction. The full stroke and swiveling strength of the crane can be optimally used by leveling of the whole upper-carriage.


Diesel engine
The 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine supplies the 182HVT with 132 KW (177HP). The high torque at 2000 rpm provides high performance at low noise level and low diesel consumption.


The strongly dimensioned drive unit in combination with different types of chains permitts a soil protecting and safe work.

  • Second thinning
  • Clear-cutting
  • Low impact on soil due to use of various grouser track shoes.

Main data:

  • Empty weight with cabin: 20.5 tons
  • Height / width / transport length: 350 / 255 / 820 cm
  • Swing torque: 43.6 kNm
  • Tractive force of running gear: 23 tons
  • Crane: parallel crane CH 175

Running and slewing gear:

  • Speeds of running gear: 1.62 km/h and 3.10 km/h
  • Superstructure slewing speed: 8 rpm
  • Superstructure slewing range: infinite
  • Gradability: 30° (58%)
  • Standard tracks: steel, 600mm in width
  • Length of running gear: 4045 mm
  • Ground clearance: 590 mm
  • Ground pressure: 0.42 kg/cm²
  • Superstructure tilt: 25° to the front, +/- 15° to the side

Engine data:

  • Engine: John Deere 6068HF285
  • Type: 3-cyl. turbodiesel engine
  • Cooling: water-cooled, intercooler
  • Engine displacement: 6800 ccm
  • Speed: 2000 rpm
  • Output acc. to DIN: 132 KW (177 hp)
  • Battery: 2x 135 Ah
  • Generator: 24V / 140A
  • Diesel tank: 300 + 100 litres

Hydraulic system:

  • Hydraulic pump base machine: Double displacement pump negative control
  • Pump capacity (working hydraulics): 2 x 144 l/min
  • Operating pressure for working and driving hydraulics: 300 bar / 330 bar
  • Hydraulic pump harvester head: displacement pump P/Q control
  • Pump capacity harvester unit: 280 l/min
  • Operating pressure harvester unit: 330 bar
  • Hydraulic tank: 220 litres
  • Return filter: standard 2 pcs. of 20 µm each
  • High-pressure filter: standard 10 µm

Harvester units:

  • AFM: 50 Corona, 60L
  • Foresteri: F25RH
  • Keto: 150HD
  • Lako: 53HD
  • Logmax: 5000, 6000
  • Viking: 525, 625
  • Waratah: H270, HTH470HD, H480
  • Woody: 50, 60


  • Special paint RAL: Xenon lamps
  • Filled wit bio-hydraulic oil: Fuel preheating
  • Telescopic boom extension: Seat heating
  • Tool kit in dozer blade: Control unit Logmate 402
  • Central lubricating unit for superstructure: Automatic superstructure levelling
  • Vacuum pump: Independent vehicle heater
  • Window film: Theft protection

Triple grouser track chain

  • Additional special equipment as well as harvester units on request. Subject to modifications.

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