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- Model 242HVT - Tracked Harvester System



The tracked harvester 242HVT has all the benefits of the 242HV, enhanced by the proven tilt device and excellent gradability. The optionally offered dozer blade provides safety and permits the clearing of skid trails for subsequent removal of the logs.  Due to the hydraulically tilting service platform and cabin the harvester becomes even more serviceable.

By means of the optional long crane a machine range of up to 14m can be reached.

To address all requirements concerning the vast range of operating conditions, the 242 is also available with an optional crane which provides optimal working geometry and a longer reach. See the diagram to your left.


Leveling adjustment
The developed and often approved of, leveling system is also used on the 242. The large-dimension tilt cylinders makes leveling of +25° in forward direction and +/- 15° to each side possible.


Tail swing radius/Ground clearance
Because of the 242's extra-high ground clearance, obstacles such as stumps and rocks do not have to be driven around. Working in narrow spaces is easily done due to the short tail swing radius of the machine.

  • Clear-cutting
  • Removal of wind-blown timber
  • Moist ground
  • Steep terrain

Main data:

  • Empty weight with cabin: 24.7 tons
  • Height / width / transport length: 375 / 295 / 920 cm
  • Swing torque: 64 kNm
  • Tractive force of running gear: 27.2 tons
  • Crane: Neuson parallel crane

Running and slewing gear:

  • Speeds of running gear: 1.44 km/h and 3.54 km/h
  • Superstructure slewing speed: 8 rpm
  • Superstructure slewing range: infinite
  • Gradability: 30° (58%)
  • Standard tracks: D6, single grouser track chain, 600mm width
  • Length of running gear: 4420 mm
  • Ground clearance: 760 mm
  • Ground pressure: 0.59 kg/cm²
  • Superstructure tilt: 25° to the front, +/- 15° to the side

Engine data:

  • Engine: John Deere 6081 HF 070
  • Type: 6-cyl. turbodiesel engine
  • Cooling: water-coled
  • Engine displacement: 8100 ccm
  • Speed: 1900 rpm
  • Output acc. to DIN: 168 KW (230 hp)
  • Battery: 2x 135 Ah
  • Generator: 24V / 140A
  • Diesel tank: 650 litres

Hydraulic system:

  • Hydraulic pump base machine: double displacement pump negative control
  • Pump capacity (working hydraulics): 2 x 140 l/min
  • Operating pressure for working and driving hydraulics: 300 bar / 330 bar
  • Hydraulic pump harvester head: displacement pump P/Q control
  • Pump capacity harvester unit: 320 l/min
  • Operating pressure harvester unit: 330 bar
  • Hydraulic tank: 390 litres
  • Return filter: standard 2 pcs. of 20 µm each
  • High-pressure filter: standard 10 µm

Harvester units:

  • AFM: 60HD, 75
  • Foresteri: F30RHS
  • Keto: 500HD
  • Lako: 63HD
  • Logmax: 7000, 9000
  • Viking: 650
  • Waratah: H290, HTH470HD, H480


  • Service platform: Fuel preheating
  • Special paint RAL: Seat heating
  • Filled with bio-hydraulic oil: Independent vehicle heater
  • Telescopic boom extension: Control unit Logmate 402
  • Central lubricating unit for superstructure: Window film
  • Vacuum pump: Theft protection
  • Xenon lamps: Triple grouser track chain
  • Long crane for 14m machine range: Automatic superstructure levelling
  • Dozer blade

Additional special equipment as well as harvester units on request. Subject to modifications.

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