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- Model RR - Rapid Raiser

Rapid Raiser is a natural and organic fertiliser formulated to promote healthier and sustained growth of all garden plants, and trees.  It encourages the development of earthworm and microbial activity leading to a well-structured and healthy soil. It is especially beneficial when planting, as the added phosphate aids in root development, allowing for a greater surface area with which to absorb nutrients. Using Rapid Raiser means there is no need to add additional bone-meal. It is also suitable for heavy feeders such as roses and vegetables and fruit.

Can be used throughout the garden and is especially useful when establishing new plants - use as a complete planting food.

  • Pellet Form
  • Organic Fertiliser
  • Suitable for planting and as seedling food



Plus the full range of secondary nutrients and micronutrients in a natural form.

Application Rates:

Fruit Trees: Planting - 60g per hole.  Apply to base of hole and cover with 10cm of soil. For poorer soils add a further 30g. Water Well. 

Established Trees: 500g per tree, per year of growth - applied evenly throughout the year. 

Vegetables and Flower Beds: 50g per square meter prior to planting and 100g per square meter every 6 weeks during the growth period. 

Indigenous: 60g per shurb applied every 10-12 weeks. 

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