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- Model T8275 - Agricultural Tractor


Lean-Running Engines that save you Money: At the heart of every tractor from the Clean Energy Leader is a clean-running engine. T8 tractors feature proven Cursor 9 engines that deliver increased horsepower while using less fuel and meeting stringent Tier 4a emission standards. The result: you cover more acres in a day and save both time and money.

The Power You Need, When You Need It
The T8 Engine Power Management (EPM) system continuously adjusts engine output to match your working conditions, optimizing fuel efficiency and boosting your overall productivity. During demanding hydraulic, PTO and transport applications, these engines develop more power and torque to maintain performance.

SCR Advantage: Breathability
By using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology and DEF/AdBlue After treatment, the nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas are converted to harmless water and nitrogen. This treatment is separate from the air intake which means an SCR engine “breathes” only clean fresh air, ensuring optimal combustion conditions.

New Holland draws on the experience of engine development partner, Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT). FPT has already produced over 100,000 SCR engines during the past five years for trucking and agricultural use, so you can be assured of reliability.

The Proof is in the Numbers
All five T8 Series tractors make use of proven, 8.7-liter, six-cylinder Cursor 9 engines. Compared to the engines used on the previous T8000 Series tractors, T8 tractor Cursor 9 engines with SCR provide up to 14 hp increase in rated power, up to 31 hp increase in maximum power and up to a 15% increase in peak torque.

Cool Power
The improved T8 cooling system handles the heat generated by the powerful new engines. An increased grill area and added venting in the new hood design promotes air flow, letting cool air in and warm air out—without blowing the warm air over the cab or stirring dust on the ground. A more efficient vistronic fan drive system adjusts fan speed based on temperature input, so the fan only spins as fast as needed. The end result is less power is consumed.

Available Engine Braking
Optional engine braking uses the compression of exhaust gas to slow the tractor down, saving wear on the brake pads. Just step on the convenient floor pedal and the exhaust is restricted from leaving the valve and is compressed by the piston moving upwards. This compression of exhaust gas slows the tractor down.

  • 3-Point Hitch: 
  • Type: Cat IIIN / III
  • Standard lift capacity, lbs. (kg): 14,070 (6382)
  • Optional lift capacity, lbs. (kg): 16,375 (7421)


  • Standard Front axle: FWD
  • Optional: Terraglide FWD
  • Tread spacing adjustment, in. (mm): 60 to 88 (1524 to 2235)
  • Rear axle length, in. (mm): 120 (3050)
  • Standard rear axle diameter, in. (mm): 4 (102)
  • Optional rear axle diameter, in. (mm): NA


  • Standard on front and rear axle: Integral hydraulic wet disk


  • Fuel tank, U.S. gal (L): 168 (637)
  • DEF Tank, U.S. Gal (L): 24 (91)


  • Wheelbase, in. (mm) for FWD and Terraglide FWD: 135.8 (3450)
  • Width, in. (mm): 120 (3050)


  • Alternator: 200 amp, 12-volt


  • Type: New Holland FPT Cursor 9L
  • Aspiration: Var. Geometry Turbocharger, air-to-air after cooled
  • Displacement: 543 (9)
  • Rated Engine Speed: 2000
  • Rated power hp (kw): 232 (173)
  • Max Power - EPM CV (kw): 273 (201)
  • Peak Torque lb-ft (Nm): 853 (1,157)
  • PTO hp (kW)**: 185 (138)
  • PTO torque rise**: 56%
  • PTO Power Growth, hp (kW)**: 33 (25)


  • Type: CCLS
  • Remote Valves Standard: 4
  • Optional Remote Valves: up to 6
  • Standard flow, gpm (l/min): 42.5 (161)
  • Optional MegaFlow, gpm (l/min): 72.3 (274)
  • Max Flow - One Remote U.S. Gal (L): 35 (133)


  • Stanrdard: 1 3⁄4',1000 rpm
  • Optional: 1 3⁄4', 1 3⁄8' 1000/540 rpm
  • Maximum Operating Weight: 
  • T8 Series, lbs. (kg): 27,750 (12,600)

Shipping Weight: 

  • Standard FWD, lbs. (kg)****: 23,862 (10,846)
  • TerraGlide FWD, lbs. (kg)****: 24,662 (11,210)


  • Standard: 18F/4R Power Shift
  • Optional: **19F/4R Power Shift.
  • Optional: 23F/6R Power Shift
  • Optional: 19F/4R 31 mph (50 kph)

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