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When farmers make equipment for farmers, you get innovations that aren’t found in an engineering textbook. Case in point: the new T8 Series tractors. They redefine large-scale agriculture with the revolutionary compact, long wheelbase design. With bold, new styling, and a sculpted frame, T8 Series tractors give you the speed and stability of a long wheelbase with the agility of a short wheelbase. T8 tractors defy the status quo in more ways. You get more power with less noise and fuel, higher speeds with better maneuverability, increased technology with simpler operation. In short, you’ll never have to compromise when you own a New Holland T8 Series tractor.

  • Clean-Running Engines That Save You Money
    At the heart of every tractor from the Clean Energy Leader is a clean-running engine. Genesis T8 tractors feature proven ECOBlue technology with SCR Cursor 9 engines that deliver increased horsepower while using less fuel and meeting stringent Tier 4A emission standards. The result: you cover more acres in a day and save both time and money.
  • The Power You Need, When You Need It
    The Genesis T8 Engine Power Management (EPM) system continuously adjusts engine output to match your working conditions, optimizing fuel efficiency and boosting your overall productivity. During demanding hydraulic, PTO and transport applications, these engines develop more power and torque to maintain performance.
  • SCR Advantage: Breathability
    By using ECOBlue technology with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology and DEF/AdBlue® After treatment, the nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas are converted to harmless water and nitrogen. This treatment is separate from the air intake which means an SCR engine “breathes” only clean fresh air, ensuring optimal combustion conditions. New Holland draws on the experience of engine development partner, Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT). FPT has already produced over 150,000 SCR engines during the past five years for trucking use, so you can be assured of reliability
  • The Proof Is In The Numbers
    All five Genesis T8 Series tractors make use of proven, 8.7-liter, six-cylinder Cursor 9 engines. Compared to the engines used on the previous T8000 Series tractors, Genesis T8 tractor Cursor 9 engines with SCR provide up to 14 hp increase in rated power, up to 31 hp increase in maximum power and up to a 15% increase in peak torque while saving you up to 10% in operating costs.
  • Cool Power
    The improved Genesis T8 cooling system handles the heat generated by the powerful new engines. An increased grill area and added venting in the new hood design promotes air flow, letting cool air in and warm air out—without blowing the warm air over the cab or stirring dust on the ground. A more efficient vistronic fan drive system adjusts fan speed based on temperature input, so the fan only spins as fast as needed. The end result is less power is consumed.
  • Available Engine Braking
    Optional engine braking uses the compression of exhaust gas to slow the tractor down, saving wear on the brake pads. Just step on the convenient floor pedal and the exhaust is restricted from leaving the valve and is compressed by the piston moving upwards. This compression of exhaust gas slows the tractor down.

  • The Most Speeds In Its Class
    No matter which Genesis™ T8 transmissions you choose, you get a minimum of 18 forward speeds, with eight of them in the critical 3- to 8-mph tillage range. That’s more than other tractors in this class. All four are electronic, full powershift transmissions that provide Ground Speed Management (GSM) convenience during both field and road operation.
  • Choose From Four Super Smooth Transmissions
    You’ll find the transmission that meets your needs in the Genesis™ T8 Series. The four options include:
    1. The 18 x 4 powershift (standard)
    2. The 19 x 4 powershift option with fuel-economic overdrive
    3. The new 19 x 4 powershift with a time-saving 31-mph (50 kph) top transport speed
    4. The 23 x 6 creeper powershift – engage creep gears on the go, without having to stop.
  • Controls Close At Hand
    The Sidewinder II armrest console puts your hand in a natural position for operating the transmission control lever, with no clutching required. Move through powershift gears with two ergonomically placed side buttons.
  • Handy Gsm Road And Field Settings
    Convert to automatic transmission with a simple push of the Ground Speed Management (GSM) button on the armrest. For GSM Road, push the top of the button, select a start gear and set the ground speed of the tractor using only the throttle lever. For GSM Field, push the bottom of the button when in the right speed and the transmission automatically maintains tractor performance based on engine speed and load. These fuel economy settings are accomplished by the transmission automatically changing engine rpm and gears.
  • Time-Saver For Headland Turns
    Program the Custom Headland Management feature to memorize multiple adjustments made when turning, then recall them with the push of one button. At the end of a row, push once to automatically throttle back, change gears and raise the implement. Then push again to reverse the adjustments as you enter the new row. A total of 30 functions can be programmed for completing a headland turn.

  • Powerful And Versatile Hydraulic System
    Quick response and ample oil flow are an integral part of Genesis T8 tractor design. You have the capacity, control and flexibility to perform multiple hydraulic functions simultaneously—without sacrificing performance. You also have the precise control needed for the most advanced seeders and specialty equipment.
  • Fully Integrated Front Hitch And PTO
    From the outset, Genesis T8 tractors were designed to work with implements on the front as well as the back. That means when you equip your Genesis T8 tractor with the optional front PTO and three-point hitch, the tractor was designed to not only handle the workload, it’s designed to excel at the job. The slim engine hood provides excellent forward visibility. The balanced long wheelbase makes it easier to make full use of 12,000-pound front lift capacity, and the integrated electronic controls for the front linkage are easy to reach and use.
  • Enhanced Hydraulic Management
    Your Genesis T8 tractor can be equipped with up to six electronic remotes, and all are easily controlled right from the SideWinder II armrest. Use the IntelliView III touch-screen to easily set flow, timing and detent settings that precisely match the job.
  • 72.3-GPM Megaflow Option
    Standard hydraulic flow is a generous 42.5 gallons per minute (gpm). With the Megaflow pump option, capacity climbs to a massive 72.3 gpm. Engine Power Management provides up to 50 hp of extra power in high-demand conditions and allows you to make use of Genesis T8 full hydraulic capacity.

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