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T6 tractors are the ideal choice for haying, heavy loader work, roadside mowing, and more. This top-selling tractor series continues to capitalize on the success of its predecessors, providing you with the ultimate combination of performance and comfort options.

Three four-cylinder models and three six-cylinder models can be tailored to suit your operation. From standard to premium, T6 tractors have the perfect assortment of transmissions, hydraulics, and cab packages. The choice between a rear flange or bar axle further enhances your versatility to handle haying as well as row crop work.

With the evolution of modern farming leading to demands in enhanced efficiency, the T6 line now proudly offers the Auto Command™ CVT transmission. Designed, developed, and built in-house, this transmission provides you with seamless speed changes that are controlled from the fully-adjustable Sidewinder™ II armrest and multi-functional CommandGrip™ lever. Want to have the best looking tractor around? Equip a new T6 Auto Command™ tractor as a Blue Power edition, which replaces the traditional New Holland paint scheme with midnight blue and a sleek silver grill and exhaust.

  • Clean-Running Engines That Save You Money
    T6 Series tractors are powered by clean-running engines using proven ECOBlue™ SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology developed in partnership with FPT Industrial. SCR engines use AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to transform the harmful nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust gas into harmless water and nitrogen. This after-treatment system is separate from the main engine which means only clean, fresh air is fed into the engine. The result: a clean-running engine power unit that offers improved performance, greater reactivity and enhanced fuel efficiency.
  • Choose Between Four- And Six-Cylinder Engines
    The T6 line is available in both four- and six-cylinder configurations so you can choose the power plant that best suits your requirements. These tractors also offer power-to-weight ratios as low as 62.7 lbs/boosted hp to reduce fuel consumption and soil compaction.
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
    T6 series tractors reduce your fuel use by a minimum of 10%* by combining super-efficient, breathable ECOBlue™ SCR technology with the latest generation of intelligent engine management technology. Engine Idle Speed Management reduces tick-over from 850 to 650 rpm during periods of prolonged idling, which means when your tractor is waiting for work it's only sipping fuel. (*when compared to New Holland T6000 Series (Tier 3) tractors.)
  • Industry-Leading Engine Features
    Computer-designed, parent bore cylinder block - Features a contoured outer surface for increased strength. Air-to-air intercooling - Improves performance, while a five-blade viscous fan maintains temperature, reduces noise, lowers horsepower consumption and saves fuel. High-Pressure Common-Rail (HPCR) electronic power management system - Delivers superb fuel efficiency, fast response, low noise and low emissions.
    Constant RPM - Provided by electronic power management. This allows you to preset up to two fixed engine speeds and change between them with a single button, while keeping your eyes on the job.
  • Engine Power Management
    Engine Power Management (EPM) is a well-known New Holland feature and is available on all T6 models. The engine develops more power and torque according to the actual load on the transmission, hydraulics and PTO. EPM delivers up to an additional 25 horsepower (depending on the model), but only when it is needed to maintain performance and optimize fuel consumption.

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