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- Model TK4000 Series - Crawler Tractors



The most challenging conditions are no match for tracks. The TK4000 Series crawler tractors add sleek styling, operating efficiency and ergonomic design to a powerful legend. You’ll go where conventional wheeled tractors can’t with a choice of four distinct models: TK4030V – When only the narrowest will do, this model delivers 64 PTO hp in a width of only 46.1 inches. TK4050 – The ultimate all-purpose solution, with a narrow 55.5-inch width and 83 PTO hp. TK4050M – A low height, wide track and overall width of 68.9 inches allows this mountain version to operate safely on a 20% steeper slope than wheeled tractors. The TK4060 – 88 PTO hp rises to the challenge of big tillage and PTO applications.

  • The Track Advantage
    Tracks allow you to farm in conditions where wheeled tractors struggle. Driven directly off the rear transmission with heavy-duty lubricated track chains, they deliver high performance, long life and quiet operation.
  • More Traction
    Work confidently on steep slopes and uneven ground. A large-diameter pivot shaft connects the track undercarriage to the main tractor chassis, providing maximum track oscillation for constant ground contact and optimum traction.
  • Greater Pulling Power
    TK4000 crawlers pull their own weight with a large track surface of up to 2,310 square inches. More traction with less slippage lets you take on wider implements to boost efficiency and lower operating costs.
  • Rubber Flexibility, Steel Durability
    New Holland TK4050M and TK4060 crawler tractors can now be specified with the exclusive SmartTrax™ rubber track system. Not to be confused with existing rubber track designs in the market, SmartTrax™ is formed around an extremely robust steel skeleton with a spiral cord reinforced rubber track. Delivering outstanding traction, lateral grip and a large contact patch to minimize compaction, SmartTrax™ is also exceptionally durable, with a service life in excess of 3,000 hours.
  • Lighter Footprint
    Reduce root zone damage and increase flotation on wet soil with a low contact pressure of nearly 5 psi.
  • Tighter Turning Radius
    When working in confined areas or making headland turns, you’ll appreciate the tighter turning radius provided by pivoting on a stationary track. An advantage that eliminates the need to 'skip' rows when spraying or tilling, for significant time and fuel savings.

  • Bold Power
    Rising to the challenge with smooth responsive power, TK4000 diesel engines keep you productive. The four-cylinder, 195-cu.-in. engine on the TK4030V and 274 cu. in. on the TK4050, TK4050M and TK4060 are turbocharged and intercooled for maximum performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Efficient Design
    Premium Bosch rotary fuel-injection pump and injectors provide precise fuel metering and delivery. The cross-flow cylinder head design keeps intake air cool and dense for superior combustion and maximum power production. Plus, the large, unrestricted helical inlet manifold and valve ports ensure maximum fuel-to-air mixing.
  • Clean Energy Leader
    All TK4000 crawler engines are Tier III emissions certified, and approved for use with biodiesel blends up to B100,* improving air quality for both you and your crops.
  • *Must meet ASTM 6751 standards.
  • Easy-Access And Quick Starts On Cold Mornings
    A convenient flip-up hood allows for easy engine servicing and a grid heater is standard equipment for easy cold starting.

  • Maneuver Through The Workday More Easily
    Take control with the 8x8 constant mesh transmission. All the right speeds and low-effort shuttling let you get your work done with ease.
  • Speed Choices
    A practical selection of speeds from 1 to 7.5 mph includes six gears in the important 1- to 4-mph operating range, plus two higher gear speeds for light work or transport.
  • Comfortable Controls
    Smooth, low-effort changes of direction are possible with a dedicated forward/reverse shuttle lever. Organic driveline clutches provide maximum durability and heat dissipation in difficult working conditions.
  • Quick Gear Changes
    Maneuver in tight quarters and easily change direction with an exclusive clutch braking system. It permits easy gear changes by slowing shaft rotation when the traction clutch is released.

  • Big Capacity, Fast Response
    Put more flow behind your operation with two hydraulic gear pumps in two separate open center hydraulic circuits. A beefy three-point hitch capacity and flexible valves let you handle more demanding implements and maneuver with precision and ease.
  • Do More With Dual Pumps
    A high-volume 11.9-gpm* implement pump delivers dedicated flow to the three-point lift and remote valve circuits, while a separate 5.8-gpm* steering and services pump allows precise steering without robbing flow from other hydraulic functions.
    *The TK4030V provides a 9.4-gpm implement pump and a 5.4-gpm steering pump.
  • More Remotes For More Flexibility
    Three rear remote valves come standard, with a fourth available on TK4050, TK4050M and TK4060 models. Flow control on the first remote is standard on the TK4030V and optional on all other models, letting you add low-flow hydraulic motors and implements.
  • Hefty Three-Point Hitch
    Take on the largest implements for maximum productivity with a 4,078-lb. (SAE rated) three-point hitch lift capacity.
  • Easy Implement Control
    Make easy headland turns with the Lift-O-Matic Plus™ system. A convenient lever allows you to completely raise or lower implements while maintaining position and draft settings. Minor draft adjustments can be made with just a push or a pull of the lever to fine tune your position.

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