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- Model TV6070 Bidirectional - Tractor



When your operation demands extreme versatility, choose the unmatched TV6070 Bidirectional™ tractor. The flexibility to mount and power implements on either end of the tractor provides the best combination of visibility, traction and weight balance. You’ll enjoy extraordinary productivity with this versatile “tool-carrier” tractor.

  • The Lugging Power Needed To Handle Tough Jobs
    TV6070 engine torque rise provides enough lugging power to handle your most challenging field conditions and tasks. Large 6.7-L (411-cu. in.) displacement means the engine can generate rated horsepower across a wide rpm range with less work than smaller engines. The engine’s time-proven parent bore block design combines strength and durability yet offers easy repair.
  • B100 Approved
    As the biodiesel clean-energy leader, New Holland approves the use of farmer-grown B100 biodiesel for the TV6070.* By using clean-burning, environmentally friendly, biodiesel fuel you contribute to:
    1. Cleaner air from reduced emissions Reduced imports of foreign oil
    2. Biodiesel must be high quality, produced to ASTM D6751 standards and purchased from a reputable supplier.
  • Efficient Engine Cooling And Air Filtering
    Air-to-air intercooling and cross-flow head design. This efficient design improves engine breathing for good fuel economy and qualifies for Tier III emissions certification. Three stage air filtering. Air filtering includes a spin-tube pre-cleaner that separates larger dust particles before the intake air reaches the dual element air filter. This can help extend service intervals for lower operating costs and deliver long engine life.
  • Reversing Fan Option
    Offered for applications such as mowing or hay baling where the grill screen tends to plug with chaff and dirt, the reversing option automatically rotates fan blades to momentarily blow air backwards through the radiator and clean the grill.

  • Nfinite Speed Selection In Any Direction
    Forward and reverse have no effect on available power and speed variations with the TV6070 Bidirectional™ tractor. The hydrostatic drive system efficiently transfers power to the ground and provides equal and unlimited variation of speed in either direction.
  • Eight Hydrostatic Drive Ranges
    Select one of eight hydrostatic drive system ranges by pressing the “bump” switch on the right-hand console. And as work conditions change, you can easily shift between ranges on the go. If you encounter a steep hill or heavy resistance, the transmission automatically downshifts to pull you through, then returns to the selected range when conditions return to normal.
  • Industry's Best Shuttle Transmission
    With one handy lever you control both speed and direction, eliminating the need to clutch or search for the right gear. To move forward, simply push the lever ahead; the further you push, the faster you’ll go. Pull the lever back, and the tractor slows gradually, shifts into neutral and then reverse. This unmatched shifting makes the TV6070 Bidirectional tractor perfect for loader work.
  • Smooth Stopping
    To smoothly stop the tractor, simply pull the forward-neutral-reverse lever slowly toward the neutral position. The tractor foot brake pedal at either end of the cab activates a hydraulically actuated wet disc brake system if additional braking force is needed.
  • More Slow Speeds Than The Competition
    The infinite choice of slow speeds on the TV6070 Bidirectional tractor beats the compe

  • Abundant Hyrdraulic Flow For Instant Response
    When it comes to hydraulic power, the TV6070 Bidirectional™ tractor delivers more flow, more remotes and more value.
  • Fast, Continuous Flow
    The closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system supplies 29.5 gallons per minute (gpm) for fast implement response. A second independent auxiliary hydraulic system with 35 gpm can be added for continuous flow applications that require a combination of high-flow and high-pressure. Standard in-cab electronic flow control changes the speed of the implement on the go.
  • Five Factory-Installed Remotes
    Three closed-center, load-sensing remote valves are standard at the cab end, with two additional remotes available at the engine end.
  • Convenient Controls
    In-cab flow control knobs are standard equipment for all three cab-end circuits. Green, tan and blue color coding makes it easy to distinguish couplers, flow controls and engagement levers and keep track of hydraulic operations. Engine-end controls are color-coded black and gray.
  • Industry-Leading Lift Capacity
    Up to 8,700 pounds of lift easily handles more, larger implements. The standard Category II three-point hitch at the cab end has a lift capacity of 6,500 pounds. An auxiliary cylinder increases lift capacity to 8,700 pounds.
  • More Features For Higher Production
    1. Standard flexible link ends. Flexible link ends ensure fast implement hookup.
    2. Telescoping stabilizers. Sway of the lower links during work and transport is controlled.
    3. Optional hitch adds heft. An optional engine-end three-point hitch lifts up to 4,000 pounds for added flexibility and productivity.
    4. Convenient cab display. A position display on the cab electronic instrument cluster shows the positions of the cab-end and optional engine-end three-point hitches.
  • Two Ptos Double Pto Productivity
    1. A two-speed 540- and 1,000-rpm PTO with interchangeable shaft is standard at the cab end.
    2. A two-speed 540- and 1,000-rpm PTO at the engine end is a factory- or dealer-installed option.

  • Best-In-Class Turning, Traction And Maneuverability
    True four-wheel drive and articulated steering provide traction and maneuverability that allows the TV6070 Bidirectional™ tractor to work where typical tractors can't operate.
  • Superior Traction
    The TV6070 Bidirectional tractor’s full-time four-wheel drive with four equal-size tires provides outstanding traction in wet, icy or muddy conditions. Slippage is minimized, resulting in more effective horsepower and less tire wear.
  • Faster, Sharper, Smoother Turns
    With up to 45-degree articulation, the TV6070 Bidirectional tractor lets you make faster, sharper turns with greater accuracy for reduced crop damage at row ends and better maneuverability. The TV6070 wheelbase is longer than competitive models for a smoother, more comfortable ride and best-in-class turning at all track settings.
  • More Pull With Differential Locks
    Cab-end differential. A differential lock in the cab-end axle locks both wheels together to provide more pull in tough spots.
    Optional engine-end differential. Receive traction at all four wheels with an optional engine-end differential lock.
    Convenient control. Both differential locks are electrohydraulically controlled with rocker switches on the right-hand console.
  • Two Ptos Double Pto Productivity
    Seven bias and radial tire packages are available to suit individual needs. Tires with special advantages include:
    1. Nondirectional tires. With lugs that are always facing forward, these tires perform equally well no matter what direction you're driving.
    2. Forestry tires. These special tires tackle tough ground conditions faced in highway mowing or right-of-way maintenance.

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