Delta Power Equipment

- Model T8.300 - Tractor


Deluxe-Cab, -Deluxe cloth heated seat, -Single beacon light, -Rear axle 4 in. dia. x 120 in., -HD MFD front axle w/elect. dif, -22 - 88lb (40kg) Weights, -Four electric remotes, -Hydraulic pump: standard, -Cat. III/IIIN, 3-point hitch, -Cat.III High capacity drawbar, -1000 RPM PTO shaft, -Cloth instructional seat, -Engine block heater, -True ground speed sensor, -Rear wheel weights -1000 lb, -Front and rear HID work lamps, -Power Beyond-motor retrn valve, -19F Speed powershift-Economy transmission, -RH armrest w/large display, -Nav II w 372 Rec WAAS, -Front tires: Michelin 420/90R30 147A8/B R1W, -Rear tires: Michelin 480/80R46 158A8/B R1W.

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