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- Model 38 - Crop-Chopper Harvester

Chop standing grass for daily green feeding or make bedding from cornstalks or straw. The Model 38 Crop-ChopperĀ® flail harvester can do it all. It can shred stalks, mow weeds, clear brush and stubble or top potatoes and beets. The sky's the limit with this versatile machine.

Built For Years of Service

  Built to tackle all kinds of crops and field conditions, the Model 38 Crop-Chopper® was designed for long life and easy maintenance. From its heavy-duty rotor bearings to its stone guard, the versatile chopper is a machine that will provide many years of reliable service.

  Durable by Design:

     Heavy-duty rotor bearings, protected by special seals and lubricants, keep out moisture, dirt and debris. A slip clutch on the main drive gearbox protects the powertrain from damage caused by power surges, while an overrunning clutch in the main drive prevents damage to the gearbox and PTO shaft.

  More Productive Chopping:

     Curved cutterhead paddles give added lift, so the crop gets into the wagon even when it's moist. Blower paddles are adjustable to maintain paddle-to-band clearance for positive blower action. The rotor housing opens when you discharge materials on the ground, which is useful when shredding cornstalks or mowing weeds.

  Cutterhead and Knives Provide Uniform Cut:

     The cutterhead has individually adjustable knives that rechop the crop after it passes through the rotor flails. The cutterhead can also be equipped with your choice of two, three or six knives. Rotor knives have a staggered pattern to help maintain uniform crop flow. Micrometer-type knife holders make them easy to adjust.

  Plenty of Convenience Features:

     A remote-controlled automatic wagon hitch lets you unhook a trailing wagon from the tractor seat. And hydraulic lift brackets let you add a cylinder to control cutting height, also without getting off the tractor.

Chop a Wide Variety of Crops

  The multi-purpose machine is perfect for chopping standing grass. Even dampness and heavy morning dew won't slow it down. But it can also be used for shredding cornstalks or straw to make bedding. Flexible features allow you to adjust the Model 38 to fit almost any chopping job you've got.

  Dependable for Grass and Forages:

     First and foremost, the Crop-Chopper® is ideal for the farmer or rancher who regularly cuts standing grass crops. The cutterhead can be equipped with two, three or six knives. Rotor knives feature a staggered pattern to ensure an even, uniform crop flow.

  Flexible for Other Chopping Jobs:

     Clear brush, clip pastures and waterways, or even chop flax and clean up rice stubble. This chopper can do it all. Optional short flails let you adapt the chopper for row-crop work. And 4 foot horizontal and 15 inch vertical spout extensions let you tailor the spout to your crop conditions.

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