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New Holland - Model BR7000 Series - Round Balers


BR7000 Series Roll-Belt round balers carry on the over 65-year New Holland tradition of dependable bale making and now offer you more model and configuration choices than ever before.

200,000 balers and counting
The very first New Holland round baler was built in 1974. The 200,000th round baler rolled off the very same production line in New Holland, Pennsylvania in 2006. The number of New Holland round balers produced continues to climb. Today New Holland is still number one in haytools worldwide, thanks to the innovative ideas, hard work and the dedication of New Holland dealers and employees.

Density matters
Roll-Belt™ round balers create the industry's densest bales. Why does density matter for your operation? When you pack more of your valuable crop into each bale, you save time, money and fuel. Denser bales mean better bale shape and weathering and more stable stacking. Fewer bales means lower wrapping and retrieval costs and more efficient storage as well as reduced freight costs. You'll also make fewer trips to the field, and that means you'll use less fuel, and cause less soil compaction and crown damage. You see, density really does make sense—dollars and cents.

Boost your baling success
Get the most out of every hay season. Choose the round baler that delivers the highest density and the highest capacity in the industry — a BR7000 Series Roll-Belt™ round baler.

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