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- Model CR Series - Combines

New Holland revolutionized the way farmers harvested over 35 years ago with the introduction of ground-breaking Twin Rotor™ technology for combines. Today’s latest generation of CR combines continues the pure rotary bloodline and offers the world’s farmers best-in-class grain and straw quality thanks to the gentle multipass action. Innovative features such as the SmartTrax, IntelliCruise, IntelliSteer and Opti-Spread systems further enhance productivity, and continue to ensure that the CR range is one of the most advanced and productive in the world.

In 2008 the CR combine broke the Guinness World Record for harvesting. Back in 2008, Guinness World Records clocked the CR’s predecessor as harvesting 551 tonnes in just eight hours. The latest CR raises the bar still further. The 571hp(CV) FPT Industrial Cursor 13 engine provides the power, and advanced harvesting technology including IntelliSteer™ auto guidance, means you can harvest around the clock without stopping. The CR, keeps going as long as you do.

Unsurpassed grain and straw quality is guaranteed courtesy of gentle, yet highly efficient Twin Rotor technology. Grain crackage is a thing of the past with an Industry leading figure of just 0.1%, Opti-Clean ensures the cleanest grain sample and you can choose between two types of rotor to match your individual harvesting needs.
Lower Operating Costs
ECOBlue SCR technology for Tier 4A compliance will significantly reduce your operating costs, by lowering your fuel consumption by up to 10%. When combined with long, 600 hour service intervals, and the SmartTrax system for reduced soil compaction, more money stays in your pocket. Always.

Absolute Driving Pleasure
When you step up into the Harvest Suite cab you’ll feel immediately at home. The biggest, 3.12m3, and quietest, 74dB(A) cab on the market boasts the IntelliView IV colour touchscreen monitor for intuitive operation and fingertip management of all key harvesting parameters for reduced fatigue and increased productivity during long harvesting days.

Exactly What It Says On The Shielding
The performance of the CR combine is immediately obvious to customers. How? It's on the shielding. 'CR' stands for Rotary Combine. The first digit, either a 8 or a 9 refers to the size of the Twin Rotors. 8 for 17' models and 9 for the high capacity 22' variants. The final two digits, either 70, 80 or 90 indicate its position within the range.

A higher number means a more powerful combine. Simple, isn't it!

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