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- Model CR6090 - Twin Rotor Combines


Smooth feeding. Even crop flow. Higher capacity. Take that to the Bank. New CR Series combines feature a significantly upgraded feeding system that enhances its already highly efficient operation. Reinforced feeder: New Holland increased feeder housing strength and increased lift capacity significantly to ensure maximum reliability and performance, even with the very largest headers. New Holland has also improved service access, reduced service requirements, increased reversing force and increased lateral float angle. Four feeder chains with connecting slats are now standard on the largest CR combine models - the CR8090 and CR9090 - for maximum durability, and improved crop flow and feeding to the Twin Rotors.

Intellicruise Smoothness
The IntelliCruise automatic crop feeding system automatically matches the forward speed to crop load. A sensor on the feeder driveline continually monitors the demand placed on the header. In areas with lighter crop, forward speed automatically increases to guarantee the CR combine works at full capacity.

Terrain Tracer Lateral Float System
When harvesting on uneven ground, the Terrain Tracer system ensures you capture every grain of crop. The system automatically raises the head vertically and tilts the head laterally to follow the contours of your fields using the mode you choose:

  • Compensation Mode - ideal for low-growing crops like peas and beans, this mode maintains a pre-established contact pressure
  • Stubble Height Mode - maintains a pre-set stubble height using sensors on the underside of the header
  • AutoFloat Mode - uses a combination of sensors to maintain a uniform stubble height, plus prevents bulldozing.

Reverse Out Slugs
New Holland’s unique header/reverser system allows you to reverse-out slugs and slowly feed material back into the combine. Simply disengage the header/feeder drive by flipping a rocker switch on the right-hand console. The “+” and “–” buttons on the multifunction handle operate the feeder in reverse and forward directions.

Fast Head Hook-Up
An easy one-lever, left-side head latching system provides safe, secure and fast head connection while standing comfortably beside the feeder. A hydraulic multi-coupler provides one-step quick connect and disconnect for all hydraulic functions.

The Widest Selection Of Heads In The Business
New Holland offers the widest variety of heads to harvest a vast array of crops. From small grain to grass and flower seeds, from rice to corn and beans, New Holland has the perfect match for high capacity CR Twin Rotor® combines. Header options include:

  • 72C rigid cutterbar auger heads
  • 740CF Super Flex cutterbar auger heads
  • 760CG Varifeed rigid cutterbar auger heads
  • 790CP windrow pickup heads
  • 88C floating cutterbar draper heads
  • 880CF Super Flex cutterbar draper heads
  • 92C rice draper head
  • 94C grain draper heads
  • 98D corn heads
  • 99C chopping corn heads

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