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- Model CX8000 - Super Conventional Combines


CX8000 Super Conventional combines help you complete harvest faster with unrivaled threshing, separating and grain tank capacity. With the industry’s fastest unloading rate and a cab that provides superior comfort and control, you’ll enjoy a new level of efficiency, convenience and comfort.

Unmatched Harvesting Capacity in Any Conditions
The CX8000 harvesting system’s massive capacity includes unique threshing and separating systems. Nearly all the grain is separated by a patented rotary separator before it is delivered to the straw walkers. Convenient adjustments make it easy to handle changing crop conditions.
Bigger, Tougher Threshing Ability
The heavy threshing cylinder on CX8000 combines is 29.5 inches in diameter with ten rasp bars for increased capacity. By generating greater inertia, this brawny cylinder easily handles tough, uneven feeding conditions. For even more capacity in difficult threshing conditions, CX8000 combines can be equipped with a cast steel cylinder. A full-width stone trap provides complete peace-of-mind protection.

Increased Separation With Less Loss
The concave uses 16 bars and has a wrap angle of 111 degrees, providing a generous 1,829-sq.-in. surface area that promotes increased separation, less grain damage and less loss. Using eight fixed plates, the rear beater rotates at the same speed as the threshing drum, smoothly transitioning material to the rotary separator.

Exclusive, Effective Grain Separation
The CX8000 combine’s patented New Holland rotary separator is an industry exclusive. The rotary separator removes 50 percent to 70 percent of the grain passing over the cylinder/concave before it moves to the straw walkers. Larger and more effective than previous TX combine models, the rotary separator is 28.3 inches in diameter with a larger 1,441-sq.-in. grate and is equipped with 12 welded bars. Two speeds and two clearance settings allow you to adjust to changing conditions and crops.

Maximized Separation and Larger Capacity
The straw flow beater cleans crop from the rotary separator and positions straw on the front of the straw walkers, providing a fluffier mat for better grain separation. With double the crop clearance of TX models, CX8000 combines provide greater separation capacity. The bigger straw walker’s massive surface area maximizes crop flow to the cleaning system, and a steeper angle provides greater separating action.

Vigorous Rethreshing
The exclusive double returns system delivers tailings to the rotor-rethresher drum and concave where the crop is vigorously rethreshed. The crop is then carried by an auger to an impeller where it is evenly distributed onto the grain pan. Competitive machines, which deliver returns back to the cylinder, can compromise the capacity of the main threshing area and negatively affect grain quality. The IntelliView™ II display keeps you informed of the returns status.

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