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- Model P2000 - Air Hoe Drills


New Holland P2000 air hoe drills with a flexible frame deliver precise seed placement across the entire width of the machine in all types of challenging terrain. Three P2000 models include the new P2070 Precision Hoe Drill, which features patented individual opener control for the ultimate in ground-following capabilities.


Precision Seeding Up To 52 Feet Wide
The P2050 air hoe drill is available in width from 27 to 52 feet with your choice of multiple four-bar configurations for 7.2-, 10- or 12-inch row spacing.

Smooth Residue Flow
The P2050 provides a 32-inch frame clearance that allows heavy residue flow through the drill. The frame is carried by press wheels at the rear and casters on the front, which means there are no wheels in the frame to interfere with residue flow.

Flexibility Increases Depth Accuracy
The P2050 model’s flexible frame provides unmatched depth accuracy by allowing openers to follow the contours of the ground. Flexibility also dissipates frame stress for more durability than traditional welded joints. Where the frame flexes, durable, self-lubricating joints with chrome pins and polyurethane pads add lasting performance.

Level From Front to Back
Parallel linkage between the front casters and the rear press wheels keeps the frame level and maintains seeding depth in changing conditions.

Superior Floatation
Dual walking casters provide optimum floatation. Walking casters are standard on the center section of larger models and optional on wing sections.

Effective On-Row Packing
For the best possible crop emergence, the P2050 offers multiple press wheels and closing options to match the drill to your specific field conditions and field finish requirement. Choose between 350-pound standard trips or 550-pound trips for challenging conditions and double-shoot operations.


Openers to Match Conditions
A wide array of Stealth openers for single-shoot, double-shoot, side-band, paired row and InterRow let you place seed and fertilizer precisely where you choose.

Accurate, Repeatable Seed Depth
Single-point depth setting on the P2050 provides simple control of the depth across the entire machine for exact, repeatable seed depth in every field.

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