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- Model S1050 - Pull Type Sprayers


Boom Options for top Performance: S1000 heavy-duty sprayer booms are designed to enhance spraying accuracy and provide reliable performance in all types of field conditions. With two boom options and multiple widths, you can easily match the right sprayer to your operation.

Innovative, High-Clearance Suspended Booms

New Holland suspended booms feature high-clearance suspension with parallel link design for improved boom stability and spray accuracy in all field conditions. The hydraulic boom suspension uses accumulators to maintain cylinder position while absorbing the vertical shock encountered by the boom during field operation. The low-maintenance spray boom is available in stainless steel or polypropylene.

Convenient Suspended Boom Controls and Options

The handy in-cab joystick controls boom lift, tilt, transport fold and the optional foam marker. Boom auto height control options include the Norac™ UC4 Plus Ultrasonic sprayer height controller and the Raven™ Autoboom G1 system (touch-down wheel) or G2 system (ultrasonic).

Suspended Boom Features and Widths

  • The center boom section provides 18 to 70 inches of ground clearance.
  • Each outer boom section moves 15 degrees upward and five degrees downward.
  • Spray nozzles are positioned to provide protection against foreign objects.
  • S1050 suspended boom widths: 80, 90, and 100 feet
  • S1070 suspended boom widths: 80, 90, 100, 120, 126 and 134 feet

Protective Features

For protection against foreign objects in field, S1000 field sprayers include an outer breakaway boom section (12-foot on wheeled booms and 8-foot on suspended booms). To help ensure spraying accuracy, an optional Richway™ foam marker system is available. Safety lighting is standard with S1000 field sprayers, providing a clear view when working in low-light conditions.

Drift-Reducing Windscreens

Optional windscreens reduce drift by 86 percent compared to open-boom sprayers. A perforated design offers excellent protection from the wind, yet allows enough air flow to reduce turbulence within crop canopy for improved spray coverage. End caps are standard with windscreens on suspended-boom sprayers, while touch-down wheels for boom ends or mid boom are optional.

Narrow Width for Safer Travel

A narrow transport width allows safe road travel and convenient storage. Both suspended-boom and wheeled-boom models may be folded from field- to transport-position from inside the tractor cab.

Stable, Durable and Long-Lasting

Heavy 4-inch x 10-inch frame construction allows New Holland field sprayers to provide exceptional load stability and durability over the long haul. Powder coated paint protects against corrosion and preserves a like-new finish.

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