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- Model SP.240R - Rear Boom Sprayer


New Holland Guardian™ rear boom sprayers deliver even, efficient product application with comfortable and easy control. Rugged construction and the simple mechanical drive system perform dependably season after season and improve your fuel efficiency and return on investment. A compact design offers an exceptional 15-foot turning radius for easy maneuverability. Four equal-size wheels provide a better ride, better turning radius and less compaction than sprayers with smaller front wheels. New Holland offers two Guardian rear boom sprayer models. Choose the model with the horsepower, width, and tank capacity that best suits your needs.

  • On-demand front wheel assist (SP.275R) provides more traction “on the fly” when you encounter soft or muddy field conditions.        
  • Hydraulic axle adjustment gives you the flexibility to easily adjust tread width from 120 to 150 inches from inside the cab.        
  • Raven UltraGlide or PowerGlide Plus boom height control systems maintain optimum boom height.        
  • Pace high pressure washer with hose reel allows for convenient rinsing and cleaning.        
  • The auxiliary lighting option offers HID lights replacing halogen lights on the upper roof panel.         
  • Boom blowout and drain kits allow you to fully clean the boom valves and lines.        

Additional Options

  • Drivetrain:        
    • Angle Driveshaft with Planetary Hubs: Axle tech with 42 in. (1,067 mm) clearance         
    • Drop Boxes: 48 in. (1,219 mm) clearance        
  • Tires: 380/90R46, 320/90R50, 520/85R38, 520/85R38 front with 710/70R38 rear (380/90R46 dual options available)        
  • Liquid System:        
    • Chemical Eductor: 3.6 gal. with SS with rinse system         
    • Fast Fill: 2 in. (50.8 mm); 3 in. (76.2 mm) optional         
  • Rate Control System:        
    • Flow Control: 60 rfm; 100 rfm optional        
    • GPS: IntelliSteer™ kit        
  • Boom: Fence line spray tip        
  • Strainers:        
    • Pressure: 50 or optional 80 mesh Y-strainer         
    • Boom (inline filters): 50 or 100 mesh boom

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