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We are excited to introduce the cost-friendly UHMW (Ultra-heavy molecular weight, or PVC) in ¾, 1, 2 and 3 inch systems ranging from $325 to $2250, with the existing larger sizes from 4 – 12 inches reduced to $2950 - $7200.

The Agricultural MAGNATION Next Generation water systems are non-chemical, passive in-line irrigation devices that fit 2” diameter pipes up to 30”+ diameter pipes (and beyond), best installed at the last point of entry in your irrigation source. The system can be easily fitted to your pivot, drip, sprinkler, flood, ditch, or any irrigation system you may use on your farm.

For pivots, we have customized systems available to fit midspan wtihin Zimmatic Pivots and Valley Pivots. Our systems as shown on the right are appropriate for Pump installations.

The physics that benefit your operation lies in the body of the device with Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance (HDMR-Ionization).

The Agricultural MAGNATION Next Generation water systems come in a variety of configurations based on the size of your need. As each is scientifically configured to be maximal effectiveness, the configuration patterns are unique to each size and environmental issues. The image shown is an example of a system configuration you may find in 8”+ sizes.

When installing this unit on your farm, the MAGNATION Next Generation water systems universally improves the efficiency of your water. Improved permeability of the water into your soil, higher yields, less soil salinity, better seed germination, less water usage, less energy used in your pumps, less scaling in your pipes and sprinkler heads, less fertilizers and chemicals due to dissolvability, better crop quality and longer shelf life, all improve your bottom line, while respecting our environment.

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