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Ney Poovan

Ney Poovan is the choicest diploid cultivar, which is under commercial mono cultivation on a large scale especially in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In Kerala It is grown in backyards and now shifting to large-scale cultivation. Ney Poovan is a slender plant bearing bunches of 15-20 kg after 12-14 months. Dark green fruits turn golden yellow with a very good keeping quality. Fruit is highly fragrant, tasty, powdery and firm. Ney Poovan is tolerant to leaf spot but susceptible to Fusarium wilt and banana bract mosaic virus.

  • Ney poovan is the unique diploid assuming commercial monoclonal cultivation on a large scale especially in Karnataka.
  • It is a slender, medium tall plant and bears bunch weight of 15-20 kg.
  • Fruits are smaller, slender with a prominent beak, are packed closely round the axis having a wind-blown appearance.
  • Unripe fruits turn bright yellow upon ripening; pulp is ivory white in colour.
  • It is known for its good keeping quality and non-detaching nature of fruit from the bunch making it suitable for long transportation.
  • It is tolerant to leaf spot disease but susceptible to Fusarium wilt, nematodes banana bract mosaic virus.

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