- Model 4 - Pneumatic Planter with Double Discs



The reference in planters which combines precision and versatility. Launched in the 70’s in the United States the notion of planting resting on the ground directly in line with the seed drop or « American system of planting » exists in MONOSEM since 1989. But since 20 years, the NG Plus has not ceased to progress to further meet with your requirements.

Type of seed
Maize, Sugarbeet, Sunflower, Rapeseed,Beans, Soyabeans, Sorghum…

37,5 to 80 cm

Number of rows
4 to 18 rows

Traditional or low-till

A DESIGN which makes all the difference


  • Rests on the ground directly in line with the seed drop
  • Follows the ground contours
  • Exceptional performances in all conditions

The metering unit

The metering unit is the major component of the MONOSEM planter. MONOSEM has conserved on the NG Plus 4 the best of the NG Plus units and has added the operating comfort. Adjustments are made easier for a planter that is always perfectly adjusted enabling planting in optimal conditions.

The distribution

High quality planting demands a good distribution system. This is why MONOSEM offers all their know-how in order to give you an accurate, simple and extremely reliable distribution system. This high quality manufacturing has made the MONOSEM metering system a worldwide name. Today for your planting, you too can demand the MONOSEM reference.

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