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Ideal applications include vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries and landscape. Excellent choice for steep slopes and undulating terrain. Used in pulse irrigation applications.

  • Self-flushing mechanism flushes at every start-up ensuring reliable operation and less maintenance.
  • Excellent Cv performance and wide pressure compensation range (7-58 psi) delivers consistent emission uniformity.
  • No-Drain models eliminate run-off and puddling in uneven terrain and overhead drip applications.
  • Individual color coding of each flow for easy identification.
  • Highest quality plastic with silicone diaphragm provide reliable performance in the toughest UV and chemical conditions.

  • Cap available to diffuse stream on 6 GPH emitter.
  • No-Drain models seal at 2.9 psi and open at 5.8 psi.
  • Microtube Connection:
    • (0.198”) 5mm Nipple: F08ADPT
    • (0.160” x 0.220”) Micro Tubing: P160X220PER
    • (0.125”) 3mm Required Punch Size: FPUNCH3MM

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