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Well it is finally here and we have nicknamed it the 'Stubby 2000'.  Three and a half years ago Circle K Mfg Co purchased the first 3000 gallon NH3 tank manufactured by Trinity.  It was at that time that Circle K realized the need for a slightly smaller 2000 gallon tank with all of the features and benefits the 3000 offered.  It was then in the fall of 2009 that Circle K worked with Trinity to help design the tank you see today.  Although the tank was not put into production at the time it is currently in production and in stock at Circle K.  A single tank like the 2000 or 3000 gallon tanks offers you advantages over twin tank setups which are listed below.

Single Tank Advantages Vs. Twin Tank Setups

  • The traditional 2000 gallon tank built for many years measures in at approx. 46” diam. and 24’ long.  With the withdraw tube positioned close to the front of the tank customers often complain that they leave a large percentage (often 25%) of product in the tank that is not easily withdrawn.  With the long tank it doesn’t take much of an incline and all the remaining NH3 is at the back of the tank away from the dip tube.  A shorter tank helps solve this issue.
  • A short 2000 with valves and gauges located on the front end of the tank greatly increases operator ease of use and operator safety.  No longer is the tank user required to climb up to access valves and gauges.  They can remain safely on the ground which is a huge liability reduction for commercial locations that have many customers using these tanks.  Filling the traditional 2000 gallon tank is not a problem since most fertilizer retailers have elevated fill platforms.  The real inconvenience with the traditional tank is for the end user, (farmer) in the field.  They have to hook up the hose from the applicator standing on the tongue or tire of the running gear.  This is dangerous for them and very unhandy.  One solution to this problem is Circle K's tank side platform option shown below.
  • Many coop locations complain about filling twin tanks due to the inconvenience over filling one tank.  This tank will give them the same capacity as two tanks, but easier to fill.
  • One tank vs. two also simplifies plumbing from the tank to toolbar.  Now only one hose is needed vs. two which reduces plumbing costs and may improve NH3 flow.  
  • A large diameter single tank is also narrower than two tanks offering the same capacity.  This improves visibility around and behind the tank when towing down the road.
  • A large diameter single tank can often be installed on a running gear with a narrower rear wheelbase.  This can allow larger capacity tanks to fit narrow scales that before prohibited the use of twin tanks.

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