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The PICS SmartPanel is an irrigation panel with a built-in microprocessor that allows the operator on-site programming of functions that formerly had to be performed manually. Optionally, the panel can be controlled via radio telemetry and will automatically supply information to a database for irrigation and crop management.

The NI Programmable Irrigation Control System – PICS SmartPanel – features a large LCD display screen and 20-button key pad for programmingStore up to 8 programs with 18 steps each.

  • Save Trips to Fields
  • Save Labor & Time
  • Save Water
  • Save Energy
  • Save Down Time

Standard PICS SmartPanel Functions

  • Each PICS SmartPanel allows the operator to program the following:
  • Start at preset time
  • Start and stop at preset location
  • Speed set and direction based on location
  • Speed by water applied or by percent
  • Pump and chemical injection control
  • End gun operation
  • Programming is simpleSystem control can be set by time or by location in degrees, 0° - 359°

Optional Radio Telemetry Package

  • The optional radio telemetry package provides control of all pivots from a computer base station and from voice band radios
  • Remotely monitor and control all pivots from pickups, tractors, combines, etc
  • Voice alarm broadcasts over existing voice band radios

Optional Record Keeping

  • Keep complete record of each system's maintenance history on file
  • Provides inputs for water flow, pressure, soil moisture, and weather station information
  • Expandable to include many more features

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