NIfada Stick


Continuing its innovative tradition, YAMASTIK presents “NIfada” olive harvesting rod with a pulsatile-rotatory movement. Offers maximum possible harvesting performance and the most effortless use. Friendly for the tree, it embraces branches, while protecting and preserving leaves.

  • Fruit falls directly underneath, thus eliminating the need for many olive-nets.
  • Innovative and pioneering ergonomic design for the user, ensuring effortless and efficient use for many hours without stopping or getting entangled.
  • High quality durable materials, suitable for contact with foods, recyclable and with the utmost respect for the environment.
  • Suitable for most olive varieties, but also for many other fruits.
  • Specially designed for easy replacement of each jackstraw individually, for greater savings and without the need of specialized know-how.
  • The “Nifada” aims for a greater productivity, more effortless use and maximum respect towards the tree.
  • Equipped with an ergonomically designed, very light controller.

  • Type of head: Nifada (Flake)
  • Type of movement: Pulsatile-rotatory
  • Rotational speed: Up to 1800rpm
  • Length: 2,30m or 2,80m with controller
  • Performance: 150 to 180kg/h
  • Cable: 2Χ3mm / 15m / 1,2 kg
  • Rod weight: 3,350kg with controller (without cable)
  • Operating voltage: 12 - 18VDC or 20 - 27VDC
  • Power: 400Watt

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