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Ritchey ear tags are the original engravable 'Color-Layered' I.D. tags. An efficient hand held engraving tool lets you mark your tags permanently in seconds. Eliminates paint, ink, drying time and faded numbers.

  • unsurpassed performance in retention, readability and durability
  • only I.D. system with Do-It-Yourself or Factory Numbers that are absolutely permanent


The unique 'Color-Layered' Tags are available in 2 styles and 12 colors (for a chart of the color combinations check out Ritchey Tags Color Chart):

'Universal' Standard two-piece button system - adapts to most button systems or try the NEW Ritchey 'T-Locks', 'universal' tag sizes are as follows:

  • Large Cow Tags are 5' x 3'
  • Medium Calf Tags are 4 1/2' x 2 1/4'
  • Small Calf Tags are 2 3/4' x 2'
  • Sheep Tags are 3 1/4' x 3/4'


'original' Ritchey one-piece flat or folded arrowhead tags, 'original' flat or folded arrowhead tag sizes are as follows:

  • Large Cow Tags 5 3/4' x 2 3/4'
  • Medium Calf Tags 4 3/4' x 2 1/4'
  • Small Calf Tags 3 3/4' x 2'
  • Mini Calf Tags 2 1/2' x 1 1/2'

Generation II tags are no longer manufactured. Call about in-stock discontinued items.

The Ritchey 'T-Lock' is a male stud to be used with Ritchey Universal  tags or the Y-TEX cow tags or the ALLFLEX cow tags. The Ritchey 'T-Lock' has shown less infection during healing, less snagging and higher retention rate.

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