Model DA1650 - NIRS Flour Analyser



Capturing the latest developments in near infrared (NIR) analysis, the NIRS™ DA1650 analyser gives flour millers a robust, purpose-built quality control tool, ready-to-use for many flour types and with future-proof features for a lasting return on investment. It is ISO 12099 compliant and IP65 certified to withstand dust and moisture. It is ideal for accurate routine analysis either in the laboratory or close to the production line.

Ready today, ready tomorrow

Because your new NIRS DA1650 Flour analyser comes pre-calibated, you can get straight down to work with no additional costs.
Global Artificial Neural Network (ANN) calibrations cover a broad variety of flour types and ingredients. Results for key parameters such as protein, moisture and ash are delivered simultaneously in seconds to an accuracy matching reference analysis. The DA1650 Flour analyser is a highly stable unit that is ready to use from day one. Multiple instruments can easily use the same calibrations without any modifications.

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What’s your wavelength?

How to choose the right NIR technology

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Reliable tests in the lab or in production

Routine analysis with NIR has never been so straightforward. A built in PC with touch screen makes routine operation on site intuitive and simple. No sample preparation is required: simply fill a cup with your ground or unground feed product and press the ‘Measure’ button. The NIRS™ DA1650 will deliver results in under a minute.

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IP65 certified and ISO compliant

The NIRS™ DA1650 has been built for specific use in the harshest production conditions at the most remote sites. IP65 certified, it withstands humidity, dust, vibrations and temperature fluctuations. You can also be sure that you are following ISO 12099 guidelines for the application of near infrared spectrometry.

This high level of solidity makes the NIRS DA1650 suitable for at-line use by anyone in any production plant around the world.

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Action from day one The NIRS™ DA1650 can be pre-calibrated for standard applications and is ready to test your flour products and raw materials for protein, fat and moisture the moment you plug it in. A built in PC with touch screen makes operation on site intuitive and simple.
Steady as a rock IP65 certified, the NIRS™ DA1650 is solid as a rock even when subjected to damp, dust, vibrations or temperature fluctuations. Place it at line anywhere in your production – it will withstand every situation.
Ground or unground samples NIRS™ DA1650 gives you instant analysis results and cuts out the time spent preparing samples. Place a cup of your test substance straight in the analyser and your results come up on the screen in less than a minute.
Re-use calibrations on process DDA instrumentsCalibrations used on the NIRS™ DA1650 DDA can easily be transferred to process solutions running on DDA such as the ProFoss™ for flour solution.

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