Nisula Forest Oy

- Model 325H - Harvester Heads



Nisula 325 offers efficiency, easy use and speed for first thinning operations. Its light structure allows the use of a crane with a reach of 10 metres installed on an agricultural tractor. The quality of the components and the durability of the frame represent the familiar Nisula quality.


  • First thinning, industrial wood harvesting
  • First thinning, energy wood harvesting

Suitable base machines :

  • Valtra tractor
  • Light harvesters


  • Nisula NCU2 Control System with length measuring function
  • Nisula NCU3 Cubic Volume Measuring Unit
  • Stump treatment (NCU3)
  • Automatic chain adjuster (NCU3)

  • Weight (kg): 285
  • Grapple opening (mm): 320
  • Width in delimbing position (mm): 950/820
  • Height in delimbing position (mm): 850
  • Height in felling position(mm): 860
  • Single cut ø (mm): 340
  • Required oil pressure (bar): 170-190
  • Required oil flow (l/min): 80-120

In the field in summer, in the forest in winter - agricultural tractor as a harvester. A modern tractor is a good base machine for the Nisula 325H Harvester Head. Valtra tractors are the most suitable base machines. The precondition for installing a harvester head on a tractor is that the cab of the tractor is equipped with safety glazing.

Nisula 325H allows you to use your tractor for agricultural work in summer and for forestry work in winter, making this package a really cost-efficient alternative. The requirements of agricultural work determine the capacity category of the tractor and the necessary equipment. The forestry work package can also include a front loader.
There are several important matters that you should take into account when you consider the possibility of installing a Nisula 325H Harvester Head on your new or existing tractor. We are pleased to help you plan an optimal configuration.

  • Jake 800 mounting kit + necessary base armours
  • Kronos frontal pump package with an adjustable displacement pump + additional cooler
  • Kronos 5000 or 6020 loader
  • N Hitech models equipped with a forest fuel tank
  • T Hitech  models without an additional fuel tank
  • N Direct  models equipped with a Jake forest fuel tank
  • T Direct models equipped with a Jake forest fuel tank
  • Stiffening of the front axle
  • Suitable tyres
  • Requirements concerning reverse drive controls
  • Main current switch
  • Forestry cab with safety glazing incl. roof panel (polycarbonate glass obligatory)
  • Requirements concerning agricultural work equipment

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