- Model 425C - Multi-purpose Harvester Heads



Nisula 425C is a multi-purpose harvester head equipped with grapple arms that make handling and sorting timber effortless. The NCU3 control system adjusts the grip force of the grapple arms to the tree stem being handled, enabling a firm grip of the stem during felling, feeding and moving operations. In combined use, the separate grapple arms also allow loading without changing the head.

When larger and heavier trees are felled and moved, the grapple arms apply a strong grip on the stem. When feeding starts, the grip force is reduced to minimise friction. The control system has a diameter limit set for the utilization of the grapple arms during processing. If necessary, the settings can be adjusted via the control system, but usually the harvester head works best with the standard settings.

New stronger driver motors increase the feeding capacity by 20% compared with the previous model. New machined front knives offer improved delimbing efficiency and durability as well as a larger delimbing diameter compared with the C model. 425C offers additional features for thinning.


  • Thinning
  • Delimbed energy wood harvesting
  • Combined use


  • Light harvesters
  • Farm tractors equipped with an adapter sleeve mounted crane
  • Forwarders in combined use
  • Lighter than 12-ton excavators


  • NCU3LITE with length and thickness measurement facility
  • NCU3 with length and thickness measurement facility + cubic volume measurement facility
  • NCU3X with length and thickness measurement facility + cubic volume measurement facility + value scaling facility + data transfer facility


  • Saw control
  • Automatic chain adjuster
  • Colour marking
  • Stump treatment facility

  • Weight, kg : 400/425
  • Felling diameter, mm : 400
  • Number of delimbing knives : 2+1
  • Clean delimbing 0, mm : 300
  • Required oil pressure, bar : 210
  • Feeding speed max, m/s : 4,5

  • Weight, kg : 425
  • Clean delimbing Ø, mm : 300
  • Single cut Ø, mm (1 stem) : 425
  • Number of delimbing knives : 2+1
  • Opening of front knives, mm : 430
  • Opening of grapple arms, mm : 920
  • Width in delimbing position, mm (open/closed) : 1100/940
  • Height in delimbing position, mm : 880
  • Height in felling position, mm : 880
  • Operating pressure, bar : 210
  • Required oil flow, l/m : 120-150

The size of the crane and its purpose of use determine what rotator and swing damper are the best for it. When a shaft rotator is used with the adapter flange designed for it, the head can be changed fast and easily.

Our recommendation for lighter cranes is FR10 or FR15 shaft rotator with the Nisula JRPP dual swing damper. For heavier cranes, our recommendation is Indexator GV6-69 shaft rotator or flange-mounted Indexator GV6 and AV12 with the Nisula JRKPP35S dual swing damper. 

FR or GV rotators should be used if the rotator hoses are controlled from the base machine. If the hoses are controlled from the harvester head, the right rotator version is AV12.Nisula’s dual swing damper makes operations accurate and controlled.

Nisula swing dampers, benefits to the customer:

  • Disc brake structure
  • Maintains excellent braking efficiency for a long time
  • Low operating costs
  • Easily adjustable braking force
  • Made of special steel
  • Lubricated bronze alloy bearings
  • Hardened pins

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