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The Nisula N5 harvester has been designed with thinning in mind. The design solutions are as reliable and simple as possible to ensure a high level of operating reliability. In thinning, profit is made through high productivity combined with minimized costs. Unnecessarily excessive investments in thinning equipment are simply not sensible.

  • 710/55R34 Nokia Forest Rider tyres
  • Nisula P995 Parallel Crane, reach 10,0 m
  • Nisula P995.5 Parallel Crane, reach 10,5 m 
  • Nisula 425C multi-purpose harvester head
  • Nisula 500H harvester head
  • Nisula 500C multi-purpose harvester head   
  • Grapple change facility for the accumulating Nisula 285E Energy Wood Head
  • Nisula NCU3X Control System with value scaling and data transfer facility
  • Calipers
  • Xenon lights, automated air conditioning


The frame structure of N5 is strong and straightforward. The fully armoured chassis structure and high ground clearance allow agile movements even in highly challenging terrains. 

Frame oscillation, wide 42° swing angle and wide tilt angle make N5 a true all terrain harvester. 

The turning radius measured from the centre of the tyre is only 5.25 m. The new type of frame solution entails an active frame lock which brings the best possible stability also when the machine is moved to a new location.


What can you hear when it is quiet? This cabin allows you to experience what it is like. The extremely quiet cabin enhances work comfort and helps you cope with the challenges of the work. In thinning, it is extremely important that the operator is alert throughout the working day. It improves productivity.

Large windows provide excellent visibility around the harvester, up to the tops of the trees and down to the ground right next to the harvester. You are able to sit comfortably on a high-quality seat without having to turn or stretch your neck. This also improves productivity.

The controls are located ergonomically right, and you can manage all the operations easily with well designed mini levers. You have to experience the features of this cabin yourself. The standard equipment of Nisula harvesters includes high-quality audio equipment and bluetooth facility of the mobile phone.


The hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission with differential axle locks ensures a smooth and safe ride even in the most demanding terrains. Driving is accurate and controlled. Moving from one felling area to another is fast. The maximum transport speed is 40 km/h.

Benefits to the customer:

  • Reliable power transmission, simple structure
  • Fast and accurate movements during harvesting
  • Excellent pulling force, fast and economic transport from one site to another

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