Nitamin 30L


Nitamin® 30L patented fertilizer was developed for use as a foliar application on crops and turfgrass. The water-soluble liquid is a blend of methylene urea, urea, and triazone that contains 30% nitrogen, of which 60% is slowly available. The remaining 40% is urea, which provides a readily-available nitrogen component.

Product Features

  • Foliar-applied slow-release liquid fertilizer
  • Contains 30% N, of which 60% is slowly available
  • Non-burning formulation for best application results

Agronomic Benefits

  • High nitrogen use efficiency
  • Increased crop yield and enhanced quality
  • Reduced ammonia volatilization
  • Effective carrier for crop protection chemicals
  • Slow drying time equals more leaf penetration

Nitamin® 30L can be tank mixed with most fungicides, pesticides and herbicides with most crop protection chemicals, and macro and micro nutrients. The tank mixes will stay in solution for approximately 24 hours. After 24 hours, Koch Agronomic Services recommends agitating the tank mix before use, since some crop protection chemicals will settle over time. With agitation, these will go back into solution. Nitamin® 30L is compatible with most micronutrient solutions, as long as the micronutrients are chelated.

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