- Garden Netting For Birds



Designed to help homeowners and gardeners protect their crop investments from hungry birds. Bird exclusion netting is the most effective method of protection from birds for small gardens.  The soft knitted 3/4' mesh while gentle on your plants, berries, etc is extremely strong and durable.

Bare Hand Bird Netting:

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) knitted yarns
  • CIBA Specialty Chemicals used for UV stabilization
  • Rip-stop construction makes for strong netting
  • Natural green color blends in with vines and other plants
  • Premium netting can last 3 or more growing seasons
  • Non-abrasive 3/4' knitted mesh is easy on grapes, berries, etc
  • More flexible and easier to handle than extruded plastic nets
  • Applied from bags - no rolls, spools or cores

When to install:

Install Bare-Hand™ netting as close to harvest time as possible. Installing too early increases UV exposure that can shorten the life span of your netting. It also allows the vine to grow through the netting, making removal more difficult and time consuming.

Before you begin:

Do all mowing and maintenance before application. Hedge (trim) the row canopy to make it more uniform (square up the row profile). This keeps netting coverage consistent. Cover the top of all exposed posts as they can tear the netting while it is being installed/removed.

Specific Steps for Bare-Hand™ FLEX Netting:

FLEX Netting is designed to be stretched over the rows and comes with two types of spacing stripes to help you install it correctly. Centering Stripes are two closely spaced stripes in the middle of the netting. These always go on the very top of the row. Spacing Stripes are single stripes spaced evenly over the width of the netting. When installed properly, these will be 2 feet apart. If they are too close together, the net is being installed with too much length-wise tension and will not achieve its full width. If they are too far apart, the net is being installed with too much width-wise tension, and will not reach its full length.

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