- Deer Blocker Deer Fencing



A Nixalite exclusive, Deer Blocker Deer Fencing protects your gardens, landscaping, and other property from the ever-increasing wild deer population and the problems it can bring. It is an economical alternative to expensive and more complicated metal and wire fencing systems.

  • Deer Blocker is extremely strong, long lasting, virtually invisible and easy to install.
  • Strong, 380 dernier, 36 ply, knotted, virgin (un-recycled) polyethylene mesh.
  • Each UV resistant strand has a 175 lb. breaking strength.
  • The 4” square mesh is durable yet inconspicuous – almost invisible at normal viewing distances.
  • Full 8 foot tall and 100 foot long pieces for deer exclusion. Seamless construction.
  • Heavy duty 5/16' border woven into all sides of the the mesh.
  • This eliminates the need for additional hardware others require for continuous top and side support.
  • Use Tangle Guard Repeller Ribbon to tie on fencing as avoidance tags.

The Deer Problem:
With the rapid development of rural areas for housing and industry, wild deer are forced farther into the urban environment. This often leads to unwelcome problems and conflicts.

  • Deer can ruin landscaping, trees, shrubs and seedlings.
  • Deer ticks carry Lyme disease, Tularemia, Rocky Mountain Fever, etc.
  • Deer can transmit diseases and parasites to cattle, horses and sheep.
  • Accidents involving deer kill thousands of people every year in the US.

The Deer Blocker Solution:
Deer Blocker Deer Fencing helps you protect your plants, property and health.

  • Deer Blocker enclosures can protect everything from gardens to golf courses.
  • Deer Blocker barriers keep deer away from livestock and domesticated animals.
  • Deer Blocker barricades can help keep deer away from busy roads and trails.
  • Deer Blocker enclosures are a low cost alternative to expensive metal fencing systems.

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