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Model NL - Land Levelers


The PMC land leveler is designed to smooth, pulverize, and level the field. It will help in the removal of 'pot holes' in your field, thus reducing the amount of crop loss due to crops drowning. Leveling breaks up clods and smoothes over disc furrows and disc ridges giving your field a more level seedbed. This allows you to plant your seed at a more uniform depth, which will give you a healthy stand. We have several new features on our levelers such as poly plastic wear face on all blades with a hardened steel wear strip on the bottom o f the blades, better balancing, and better blade positioning for lower leveling. In dry weather, leveling seals the ground as you level, thus retaining moisture vital to your seed development.

  • ANGLE IRON BLADES: Boxed for extra strength.
  • WEAR STRIPS: Used for longer life.
  • BOLTED BLADES: Easily removed for repair or replacement.
  • TOP RAIL RECTANGULAR TUBING: Added for extra strength.
  • CROSS BRACING: With adjustment on right front corner.
  • ALL NEW TONGUE: With extra strength tubing (7' x 5').
  • HEAVY DUTY JACK: Tongue mounted for easy hookup.
  • 11L X 15 TIRES: With heavy duty 6 hole hubs and 2' spindles.
  • JIG BUILT: To give maximum performance.

The poly on the blades of the PMC NL1850H sheds the dirt better. We can run in trashy and damper ground conditions with the PMC Levelers. The new balancing of the levelers gives us a smoother finished field. Sam and Bruce Morgan and Andy Reeves, Morgan, Morgan and Reeves Farms, Humphrey, AR 5000 acre Rice, Soybean, Corn, and Wheat Farming Operation

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